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    I've been working on a youtube based video supplement to the official guide of Skyrim. The objective is to cover every quest and location, as well as to provide handy tips on playing. So far, I have two tutorials (alchemy and enchanting) and 17 walkthroughs, one on Frostflow Lighthouse and 16 on Thieves Guild Quests.

    I'd like to link these videos to this Wikia somehow, however I understand that there is a lot of controversy over embedding videos around here. I'd like to get general permission before embedding my videos. In fact, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link my videos here because I remember that blog posts that were only video links have been removed in the past.

    My videos are from the Xbox version of the game, I can do 780p quality, …

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    First Youtube Video

    February 26, 2012 by Sneak+stab

    A walkthrough of Frostflow Lighthouse, please watch, like, comment, all that stuff.

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    January 23, 2012 by Sneak+stab

    I was looking through the wikia, and I found an awesome food item for Mages.

    This food gives an extra hundred points of magika and 25% bonus to magicka regen for 720 seconds. Alchemy cannot reproduce this effect, the only ingredient that fortifies and regenerates magika (not restore) is Jazbay Grapes.

    However, Red Mountain Flowers, Briar Hearts, and Ectoplasm all have two effects in common, Restore Magika and Fortify Magika. However, I strongly doubt that you can make a potion that fortifies as much for as long, and you'll never be able to restore as much magika as 25% regeneration over 720 seconds can get you.

    The trouble with the Fondue is that it requires Moon Sugar. I've only ever been able…

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    I think I should make a character specifically designed to turn into a werewolf. This would be accomplished in three ways. I would like confirmation of my understanding of the way the game works as well as suggestions.

    1: Be Khajit. My understanding is that the Khajit Claws 15 point damage boost bleeds through to werewolf form. Please confirm or deny.

    2: Use Two Handed Weapons. My understanding is that Two Handed Weapons skill applies to unarmed combat, and that it applies to damage done as a werewolf. Please confirm or deny.

    3: Use Light Armor. Again, my understanding is that werewolf skin is effectivly Light Armor, and your skill and Perks in Light Armor apply to werewolf form. I'd like someone to confirm or deny this, since I don't know my…

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    Tips for Magic, Please Add

    December 29, 2011 by Sneak+stab

    I have started a mage character, High Elf, mage stone, hasn't swung a sword yet. These are things I've learned, as a stealthy fighter playing a mage.

    Runes are effectivly stored magic. Stick them on walls and let your personal magic pool regenerate for the fight. Then, in the fight you can use the rune to delay hostiles when you retreat to regenerate.

    As a warrior, your Stamina is important. As a mage, your Magicka is even more important. If you choose to make a specialized mage, don't bother putting a point into Stamina, and you can get away with neglecting your Health a bit too. You never have enough Magicka.

    Necromancer Robes are easy to come by, and they have 25% more magic regen than Novice Robes.

    Mages are lighter than the lightest Theif…

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