I think I should make a character specifically designed to turn into a werewolf. This would be accomplished in three ways. I would like confirmation of my understanding of the way the game works as well as suggestions.

1: Be Khajit. My understanding is that the Khajit Claws 15 point damage boost bleeds through to werewolf form. Please confirm or deny.

2: Use Two Handed Weapons. My understanding is that Two Handed Weapons skill applies to unarmed combat, and that it applies to damage done as a werewolf. Please confirm or deny.

3: Use Light Armor. Again, my understanding is that werewolf skin is effectivly Light Armor, and your skill and Perks in Light Armor apply to werewolf form. I'd like someone to confirm or deny this, since I don't know myself.

4: I need the Ring of Hircine. That will give me the ability to become a werewolf as many times as I'd like, which would let the killing continue.

5: I'll have to collect some Totems with Aela, and possibly use her exclusivly as a follower in game. My understanding is that since she is also a werewolf, I can become the beast in her presence and she'll be ok with it.

Any suggestions, comments, or clarifications would be appreciated. I'd like to avoid having to make a new character because I didn't know something.