This is the adventure of Ky the Dark Elf, not The Khajit, may his soul find all the trouble he can handle at the crossroads between Sovengarde, Hircine's hunting grounds, and Nocturnal's wierd lucky door.

The first objective is to get my house back in Whiterun, so that I can have a place to stick my junk. To that end, I did a fair amount of questing along the main quest, mostly killing los banditos who had bounties out on them. At least a thousand gold in my pocket came from the loot I took from a Giant's chest, which was secured with an expert lock. I broke three picks getting it open XD

Anyways, the quests that I've finished are all the main line quests till the one with the horn of Jergen Windcaller, two bounty quests, I fetched Amren's sword, got a bard to leave Carlotta Valentia alone, helped the elven hunter in Riverwood on his quest for love, and that's all that I can think of for the moment. I'm sure as soon as I hit publish, I'll think of a few more.

Anyways, I came up short by about a thousand golds after all that. In order to afford the house in Whiterun, I picked every pocket of all the gold, (left the valuable items alone since I don't have a fence), and then I took all the takeable things in Dragonsreach, since they like me and all. Now, every merchant in Whiterun is flat out of money because they all are heavily invested in plates and goblets.

After all that, I still came up short by about 250 gold. Determined to not leave Whiterun homeless, I managed to find a quest for this old lady who thinks the Battle Borns kidnapped her son. I reunified the Empire as The Khajit, so this time I'll liberate Skyrim. Helping the Gray Manes seems like a good start to that. Besides, the patriarch of the Battle Borns is a jerk.

Sadly, I ran out of time to do that quest, maybe tommorow.

Oh yeah, the game runs awesomely with a new hard drive, load screen are so short I can barely read the first tip. However, when the Geniouses (read idiots) at Microsoft decided to release the new 360 format, it crashed my game. I was traveling in what I thought were safe flatlands, fending off three wolves with three arrows in random encounters. I was not safe from a Dragon Break

Thanks for reading, I'll have more tommorow.