The Khajit is dead. He valiently fought against Alduin, who sought to devour and corrupt my hard drive. However, the World Eater could not be stopped, his power was like the ocean. The Khajit has shot his last arrow.

But this is not the end. There are other hard drives, and USB slots to connect them to the Xbox. A valient Dunmer named Ky has taken up the Khajit's bow and dagger, ready to slit Alduin's throat from behind!

My objective with this character is to follow the road I found when I played as the Khajit, get sneak high enough for the Slience perk, then switch over to heavy armor to allow for all out brawling. Next, I will skill up Smithing until I can make Dwarven Armor. Then, I intend to do the Unfathomable Depths quest and wear Dwarven armor for the skill boost.

Unlike last time, I'm not going to neglect pickpocket. I'm going to at the very least pickpocket arrows from city gaurds at low levels. I may even use some perks to get the extra pockets perk, which allows 100 more carry capacity. It still will not be a priority, in any way.

I mostly ignored lockpick as far as perks go. Seeing as I broke into a Master lock at skill level 24 breaking only eight picks as the Khajit, and since I never ran out of gold and I can make stuff way cooler than anything I'll ever find, there's really no reason to invest any perks in it.

One thing I will not do is spend a perk point in light armor. Heavy armor gives way more protection, and with perks it can be just as fast. That said, I will be using light armor until I manage to get silence.

This plan is subject to change without notice. :p