So, I'm wandering, as I often do, and I come across a location called Frostflow Lighthouse. I figure I'll talk to the keeper, maybe do a quest for him, that sort of thing.

As I enter, I see this Redgaurd woman laying in a pool of blood in her underwear, and I'm like, ok, I guess I can loot the place. As I do so, I come across a couple journals, basicly this couple and their kids moved into this lighthouse after a long life at sea, expected to die of old age there. But, then a bunch of Chaurus insect monsters and Falmer crashed their Golden Years.

So, I head down the cellar, use the combination of my sneak and archery skills to nail dozens of Chaurus monsters, a couple Falmer. As I go deeper, I start finding clusters of Chaurus eggs. I'm like, awesome! I can use these to grind alchemy later! I keep finding more and more egg sacks, and I keep hervesting. I keep on like that until I come to this overlook of a big open area that is literally filled with egg sacks. I look at my inventory and I see I've already got 57 units of the things. I decided to stop collecting them.

I finally get to the main area, and there's this stinking huge bug there. I selected the five Ebony arrows in my inventory, and used a nasty 25 hit point poison with 50% slow on it (made from Deathbell and River Betty). The next arrow I used Frostbite venom on. The next had no poison on it, because I knew it would kill the cockroach.

I quickly cleared his buddies and looted the big one's corpse. It had an interesting item in it, some dude's remains. I remembered reading in one of the journals that the sailer wanted to have his remains cremated in the signal fire on top of the lighthouse.

So, I left the dungeon, and went to the top of the tower. When I stuck the guy's remains in the fire, I got a permanent upgrade, Sailer's Repose. It is a PERMANENT 10% bonus to the effectivness of all healing spells.

Feeling very satisfied with that upgrade, I logged off.