Last time I played, I had just finished retrieving the horn of Jurgen and the Greybeards named me Dohvakin. I will now seek as many words as I can stand.

On a side note, I've noticed that higher levels in skills contribute more to your main level than lower skill levels. And I now agree that sneaking levels way too fast.

So, this quest takes me to Dead Man's Respite, a crypt to the southwest of Morthal. I fast traveled to Ustengrav because it was the closest marker I'd found. From thjere, I struck out for Morthal.

While I was traveling, I remembered what seemed to be a random event from yesterday. A hunter ran up to me in the wilds and demanded a potion of cure disease because she had been bitten by a vampire. Not having any, I had to send her on her way.

As I approached Dead Man's Respite, a Snowy Sabre Cat attacked me. Knowing I could not beat it, I used Whirlwind Sprint to escape. The shout took me over the side of a cliff, and I was nearly killed by the fall. I lost the cat, though.

Entering the cave, I saw a blue ghost and instantly remembered this cave. Proceeding through the crypt, I leveled up and realized that I had the skills and the perks to pick Assasin's Blade, Silent Roll, and Steady Hand. That's about the same time as I started humming ACDC's "Back in Black" to myself.

In the last room before the Prisoner's Pit, I was detected by four draugr at once. two were normal weak versions, but two were restless. I barely managed to get out of that fight without drinking a healing potion. The big main fight was a snap, the ghost took all the aggresion and I sniped stuff.

More dangerous was the dragon that attacked me just outside the ruins. Just as I found good cover, the dragon saw something more interesting and went off and attacked it. I chased that dragon about halfway to Morthal before it was too hurt to fly and I was able to bring it down.

I headed back to High Hrothgar, looking for more words. Pickpocketing varoius rare ingredients from the monks, I found Angeir in the east wing where the dining room is. He told me to go to eldersblood peak. I had to drop off some things at my house, though. While I was there, I made lots of potions, I'd been focusing on collecting things like Blue Mountain Flowers, Butterfly Wings, and Wheat so I could make Restore Health potions. While I was doing that, I came across the effect Ravage Health. I'm going to need something to test that on >XD

However, that will be a tale for another time, because I need to get to work on real life stuff.