I'm very disatisfied with the moral choices of my character, most of which I made in the interest of my own entertainment. My first character was a thief and an assasin, yes, but he restored the Empire and gave the Blades the brid concerning the Paarthunax issue.

Ky has given the throne to Ulfric Stormcloak, who she must now kill in his sleep as soon as the moot convention DLC comes out (I know it's out there). She has also found all the words that the Greybeards know about, which means they were no longer of use to her. So, she killed Paarthunax. I'm seriously considering loading the save before I killed him, I really liked him.

Anyways, the next objective is reforming the Blades so that we can go on a genocidal campaign against the dragons. I've already got Mjoll in, now I need to get access to Aela the Huntress and J'zargo the mage. I also need a lot of ebony and daedra hearts so that I can make us all the best armor. I also need to work on my enchanting skill so that I can make their equipment negate the Dragon's breathe and enhance their damage.

What's wieghing most heavily on me about killing Paarthunax is that he was probably the most repentant dragon in the game, more so than even Odhaviing. If Arngeir was right about all the dragons being servants of Alduin, then that means that the Blades will ask me to kill every single one of them. If Paarthunax did not deserve mercy, why would I have any right to let live dragons who offended worse and are less repentant? No, the general concensus is right, the Blades are dicks, I should have killed Delphine and Esbern for demanding the life of Paarthunax.

What's done is done, as they say. I may kill Delphine and Esbern later, but for now I'm going to see how far that story goes.

On another note, my cousin played my copy of Skyrim today, his first time on Nirn. I thought I had a zany playstyle, the first thing he did in Riverwood was ask, "Ok, how do I steal things without getting caught?" He didn't advance the story much beyond Whiterun. In fact, he ignored the Jarl's conversation with his steward and housecarl so he could go to Farengar Secret-Fire's room and buy spellbooks. He also exploited the Claws ability of the Khajit to get a high damage high refire weapon early in the game. He also drives his character like he's in a first person shooter, looking everywhere at the same time. Made me pretty dizzy.

He rated the game at 9.8/10. I kinda thought he'd be a straight first person shooter player, but his tastes often surprise me.