I was adventuring, and I found myself weighted down by at least four staffs. So, I gave them to Mjoll. Next fight, fireballs and shock walls were flying, and I jumped behind cover, thinking that somehow the Draugr had a Dragon Preist. When the smoke cleared (literally) There was Mjoll, looking like a hardcore mage hero with two staffs. The Orcish armor I made her really suits her.

So, that's four colors of awesome right there.

I also found that I can't get my follower to ride the dragon with me to the Sovengarde portal, but that was ok since I got the opportunity to perfect my stealth archer style. Mjoll can't sneak, so I normally just have to sneak through a room full of hostiles with her in tow. They'll all attack her, and I can shoot them full of arrows.

Anyways, Alduin is as dead as he's going to get. That fight was very anticlimactic, I prefered the scene immidiatly afterwards with all the dragons flying off. The first time I beat Alduin and got sent back to that spot, I thought that I was going to have to kill 20 dragons at the same time.

Next on the agenda, get the house in Solitude and get everyone there to like me, since I suspect that they won't like me after I lead the Stormcloaks through their city. Nothing against the Empire, but last time I fought for the Legion, and this time I want to see the war from the other side.

That said, I'm curious to see what's going to happen in Riften. See, during the negotiations Riften was swapped for Markarth. Now Maven Balck Briar, the crime boss, is the jarl under the Empire. I want to see if her reputation takes a hit after I take back Riften.

So, I've been doing quests out of Solitude, and I bought Proudspire Manor. Sadly, that purchase drained all my money. Last time I was level 32, I had almost a hundred thousand gold, because I was using my smithing career to fund my adventuring one. Plus, I was selling all the jewelry I found during my adventures. This time I'm poorer because I'm saving all the hide bracers I made so I can enchant them.

I'm pretty sure that knowing everything I know now as opposed to the first time I joined a side, I'd still join the Legion on moral grounds. This is because I really like Jarl Balgruff of Whitrun, and he ends up with the Empire. I also feel that Ulfric was not justified in killing Toryg, the previous High King. Elisif said that Toryg might have supported a rebellion if he were only asked. Finally, I just don't like the racist attitude of the Stormcloaks.

My decision was based on entertainment value, because I want to see the other storyline. Besides, who's in charge really doesn't affect much.

I quit this session the Thane of Solitude, up one house, and flat broke. The Thaneship will probably come in handy when I assasinate the Emperor's Decoy.