I couldn't think of what to put for the title....

Anyways, stuffs been happening on Nirn since we last saw Ky. She's got herself a friend named Mjoll the Lioness. Right after she fetched Mjoll a sword, she was nice enough to smith up a full set of Dwarven armor for Mjoll. Now they're two merry yellow people, prancing around Skyrim and just killing stuff.

I also gave Mjoll a Dwarven bow, and a single Ebony arrow. She's got some incredible archery damage, It's on par with my own, maybe even better. She cannot, however, stagger enemies 50% of the time.

Today we went, by direction of the Greybeards, to a little tomb in the side of the mountain. When we arrived, we found a Redguurd woman and an Argonian argueing about whether or not to raid the crypt. The Argonian seemed ok, but the Redguard was a little treasure crazy.

So, we charged the crpyt, and between my arrows, Mjoll swinging Grimsever, that Redguard with this war axe of fire, and the Argonian shooting lightning, we clear the place pretty quick. Then we come to the last room, and there's this named Draugr in there. The Redguard rushed him and she got wasted. The Argonian shot a few lightning bolts, but as soon as he saw the Redguard go down he made for the exit. Mjoll saved the day with shield tactics while I flanked the boss and staggered him for her with arrows.

We found some neat loot, but I also found a letter on the Redguard's body, from her father. Basicly, it told her that he thought treasure hunting was silly and dangerous, and it urged her to come home. I wanted a quest to pop up, 'tell dad that kid is dead' to pop up, but it never did.

I felt better after I slew a dragon. Also, Mjoll has no idea how to jump off cliffs. She should know that it will take way too long to walk around mountains an she should just jump up and down them like I do. She had that same problem in Hjaalmarch earlier.

We were looking for Deathbells, because those make awesome poisons when combined with River Betty. Health damage and Slow. Plus, both those ingredients are very common, It seems like every time I jump off a waterfall, a school of River Betty is down there. And I jump off waterfalls a lot.

So, we were going all over the place, and I was jumping around like I usually do. Hey, I used to be an acrobat nightblade in a former life, when I could jump three times my height. Ah, the good old days. No mountain is a problem when you can go over a city wall in a jump. If you ever did that in Oblivion, it's pretty trippy. All the plants load but not the terrain texture except for the mountain terrain. So, you'd be running through the sky, with all the normal flora growing out of the air.

Anyways, Mjoll can't keep up.

We were going through Brittleshin Pass earlier, and I forgot that Mjoll was a unsneaking warrior type. I figured we'd avoid the Necromancer but he saw Mjoll right away. He started shooting Ice Spears and Blizzards all over the place, I avoided the barrage with a sneak roll. Mjoll, did not. When I saw the Necromancer turn back towards his experiments, I thought Mjoll was dead. I slit his throat from behind, then I turned around to see good old Mjoll, bashing at a skeleton. Crazy Nord.

Have fun adventuring.