I did not blog about this, but I played yesterday and found the quest where you have to harvest elf blood. I immidiatly went to the Thalmor embassy and killed a high elf. Now, I'm in the area north of Falkreath. I'm looking for orc, falmer, dark elf, and wood elf blood, mostly that means hunting bandits.

Spotting a tent symbol on my compass, I head west it turns out to be Knifepoint Ridge, a bustling bandit camp. Forgetting I was wearing the relativly weak Shrouded armor, I charged in with a battleaxe and got myself killed

Respawn, heading back again. round two, summoned my bow and obliterated them, 6 kills in 15 seconds. one of them dropped two deadric arrows and 16 orcish ones (WOOOOOT!!!) however, none were elven. moving on to loot the camp.

As i closed in, sneak off, I woke two more bandits. one was a mage, but he was a normal bandit and died with one hit. The other was a thug and he came at me with a mace, he didn't get in striking distance of me.

Turns out, the mage was dunmer! now I need to kill an orc, a falmer, and a wood elf.

Procedding further through the camp, I kill some bandits, none elven, and loot some things, then I found the enterance to a mine, which i decided to explore. As I explored, I saw what looked like an armor rack. I snuck right in front of it, and it started singing about a fair maiden named Stros M'Kai or something. Three sneak attack bow hits shut it up. Sadly, it was not an elf. You know you're at a high level when you see a glass greatsword with a 20 damage/hit fire enchantment and you think "too heavy"

Breaking into a door with an expert lock on it, I find at least four veins of iron ore. checking my inventory, I realize that I'm carrying 374/395 pounds, I probably should come back for the iron in particular if I want it. Heading the other way, I find the passage blocked by a cave in. The only other way is the exit.

Back outside, I spun around checking my compass for locations. Not coming up with anything that might have bandits, I pick the general heading of West. As I go up the mountain in a way that I strongly suspect Bethsda did not intend, I hear the sounds of a bear. An unhappy bear. It seems that the bear was warning me to not go near it. Heeding the warning, I shot it from a distance. I got three arrows into it before it could bite me once, then a last arrow finished it.

As I walked, I came across a body labeled, "Treasure hunter". going to loot it, I realized that it was orsimer. That leaves only falmer and bosmer.

I headed for a neabry cave, then I realized that it was Glenmoril Cave, in which lived the Glenmoril witches who I killed in he Companions quest line. Checking my map, I realized I had walked across the whole of Falreath Hold, and was at the western edge of the world. World seems to be getting really small these days, I hope they come out with DLC soon.

Choosing a general heading of Northeast, I set out once again. My thinking was to search for wood elves as i drew nearer the area of the snow-turned-cave elves (Falmer used to be snow elves, then the dwemer made them blind or something. I don't know)

Which reminds me, I was searching for my roots the other day in Blackreach when I saw the oddest thing. blue/white specks floating around in a general circle. As I approached, they spotted me and began to swoop in complex patterns around me.

I spun around, following one in particular. That's when I saw a deep blue outline with long, sharp fingers. My mind jumped to a book I'd read, "WISPMOTHER!"

I knew it was a magic user, and I knew it would use frost. My frost abatement necklace was in Whiterun. I ran hard and fast, but the Wisps seemed to be pushing me back towards the Wispmother by running into me and pushing. I died fast.

I was irked. I snuck around to a high vantage point and watched the Wisps dance for five minutes, waiting for the Wispmother to show up. Finally, I got bored and shot an arrow at one of the Wisps. It died from the one hit.

Instantly, the Wispmother came out of nowhere and rushed to where the Wisp died, then it slowly floated around, looking for me. I killed her with three sneak attack arrows. All the other Wisps died with her. She left a glowing Ash Pile like you get when a zombie is killed, and in the pile were two alchemical ingredients, Glow Dust and Wisp Wrappings.

Anyways, back to the present. I'm headed Northeast. I see a cave on my compass and think, 'why not'.

Between where I was and the cave, I found a hunter's camp. The hunter was not home, so I helped myself to the contents of his chest. Only the three lockpicks and fifty gold. The hunter came back, but did not catch me. I sold her a Chaurus Chitin that I found in Blackreach.

The Cave happened to be Sunderstone Gorge, with a necromancer standing gaurd outside. he hit me with heavy frost magic, dropping my health to 20% in two hits, in spite of my 60% frost reduction. I found covered and popped potions of health, true shot, and ice resistance, bringing the resistance to 80% and bow damage to 50% more than usual. I nailed him in three hits.

Entering Sunderstone Gorge, I switched to a glass dagger (37x30, do the math XD) I killed an acendant necro, 2 skeletons. then I saw gas on the floor, which I ignited with Flames. That killed at least four Skeevers. I saw another gas pool, so I lit that one up too. Turned out to be a mistake, a bunch of high level magic users came after me. I ran for my life, and made it away from them with about 5% health. I am now sneaking and I will attempt to backstab them.

I got two before they detected me again, hiding now and waiting for the eye to close.

An excellent crawl! I got wood elf blood from one of the victims on a table, I found an Unusual Gem, and I got the third word in the fire breath sequence! Now I'm off to find a Falmer. Plus I found an interesting book called "A Dream of Sovngarde".

I edited the page to reflect the find. I didn't realize that during the war the Thalmor had taken the Imperial city at one point.

So, back to the quest for blood. I figured I'd just fast travel one of the great lifts to Blackreach and kill a Falmer. As I arrived, I was set upon by a Frost Troll, who I killed in open combat with my dagger. I ended the fight with an epic face stabbing finishing move. After gathering the fat, I used the Great Lift at Mzinchaleft

Blackreach was Blackreach, dark and awesome. I sturck out for the city with the big yellow ball above it, since that's were the Falmer were last time. I found one near the stairs to the city, stabbed it in the back, and took its blood. The rest was a matter of following the waypoints back to Septimus.

That was really odd. I've got a book, it has wierd symbols in it. I think I'll take it to that orc librarian in the college and see what happens.

There was no dialog option for him, so I opened the book. It gave me four options, between the paths of might, shadow, magic, or do not read. I'm going to look this up to see what happens. very intersting, I think i'll just hold onto this for now.

I decided to see if hte glitched word from last time would work. I traveled to the statue to Meridia to try to use it, and it worked! I learned the third word in the elemental fury shout. So, now i'm going back to the greybeards to get more word quests. At 10:14 pm, Arngeir was heading up to the tower to meditate. He gave me directions to find a word in Lost Tougne Overlook, a Dragon Perch south of Riften. I fast traveled to a nearby point. As I arrived, I was attacked by four wolves, then two bears, then another bear, then the elder dragon left his perch and attacked. By the time my bound bow timed out, I had four arrows left.

As I approached the perch, I realized that I had not just killed the dragon from the perch, but a random spawn. The perched dragon was still sleeping. I decided I would backstab it.

I failed to sneak up on it. As he launched into the air, I summoned my bow. As he took off, I saw the spade tail and thought, elder. As soon as the first arrow landed, I knew it would be an easy fight, he was only a blood dragon. With a little bit of cover use, he went down without doing me any real damage.

His chest presented more of a problem than he did. I found an Orchish shield of Dwindling Frost, 40% resistance. I already had a necklace of 60% resistance. I really wanted the 100% resist, but I didn't have the carry capacity. Fortunatly, I was able to make the limit by dropping a single magic staff, valued at less than 200 gold.

I visted Whiterun, Determined to get my enchanting skill up while I dropped some items. While I was at the house, I compared my bound bow shooting bound arrows with my ebony bow shooting deadric arrows. the Ebony bow did 54 damage with no smithing involved, and my bound stuff did 67 damage, my archery was at 99 and my conjuration was at 57. The ebony bow did not have smithing bonuses on it. I decided to see what my archery could really be.

Finding no entry on arrow damage in Skyrim, I looked at my own inventory for answers. the Daedric arrows did 24 damage, the ebony 20, and the glass 18. clearly, the deadric arrows were better. As I did not have the deadric smithing skill, I decided I would make a glass bow.

according to this, the glass bow is better than both the deadric and the ebony bows by a long shot (pun intended), while the daedric and ebony bows hit the same mark (more pun!) This is obviously in need of a bit of renovation, and I will do so!

With an Archery of 99, the glass bow does 27 damage. the deadric bow does 34 damage, and the ebony bow does 30 damage. I got these numbers by looking at the possible consturctions menu of the forge

24+34=58, my bound bow does 67 damage total, therefore I WIN!!!!!! YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. best of all, my bound equipment will continue to get better than hardware as my conjuration levels up.

moving right along, enchantment grinding! I grabbed well over a thousand filled soul gems from my storage area and then proceeded to steal every article of clothing in whiterun not on someone's body. I found the Bannered Mare to be partiularly helpful. I may have cracked a strongbox or four, but these things happen. But, I can say that I didn't take more than twelve rings off people's fingers XD. Did you know that Carlotta Valentia has a minor healing potion on her bedside table? Also, rising threat volume 4 can be found in clan battleborn's house, along with a good many other books. I'll have to document them sometime.

After I liberated about forty pounds of clothing, I headed up to Dragonsreach. checking myu enchancements, I found my ancient knowledge and mage stone active. I proceeded to make many, many enchantments of fire resistance.

I gained about 30 levels in enchanting, as well as one level. I now have an enchanting skill of 69. I ran out of clothes before I ran out of soul gems.

Anyways, I'm going to go hunt mammoths for their Grand Souls, I'll leave that adventure till tommorow. Thanks for reading the blog, Gandalf.

I've decided on my catchphrase, Sky above, Voice within. Like the Greybeards