I just killed eight Draugr Deathlords, without dying, and without getting my follower killed.

It was the thieves guild quest where you go into a crypt in pursuit of a traitor. I am now level 53, and the dungeon was leveled accordingly. Eight Deathlords, chanting together, "Fus, Ro, DO!". It was nuts.

I didn't fight fair, of course. I backed up till I was standing just through a doorway, then I shot them full of arrows. Once one got on his knees in defeat posture, I used him to block the rest, while I shot over his bowed head.

Another event from today is much more sad, Farkas the Companion is dead. An Ancient Dragon attacked Whiterun, and everyone got out their bows and volleyed him with arrows, myself included. Once he was low on health, he landed just outside the Companion's mead hall, Jorrvaskr or something. I sprinted to get in range, and just as I got there, I saw the Dragon doing a finishing move where he whips his head around. At that point, I knew that one of my Companions was dead, but not which one.

The Dragon didn't last long, at least six guards and I were shooting him full of arrows. As soon as he was down, I went to where the body was and found Farkas. The fact that I remember his name shows how much I liked him. He was the guy who was the shield brother on the first real Companions quest, he turned into a werewolf and killed a bunch of Silver Hand guys. Crazy idiot.

Anyways, I'm really enjoying working with the thieves guild. The neccesary playstyle is as different from the Drak Brotherhood as the Dark Brotherhood's playstyle is from the Companion's. Not being allowed to kill things is actually fun in a different way from killing everything sneakily or in open combat.

Another identifying feature of today was the many, MANY times the game seized up on me, as well as the numerous critical failures on loading screens that required a total restart. I deleted about seventy saved games, under the impression that would help, and I didn't get any more failure to loads after that. I'm hoping for better gameplay later.

So, short blog this time around. It would have been the longest blog, if I had played with my laptop with me like i usually do, but this time I did not. Oh well.