I've been working on a youtube based video supplement to the official guide of Skyrim. The objective is to cover every quest and location, as well as to provide handy tips on playing. So far, I have two tutorials (alchemy and enchanting) and 17 walkthroughs, one on Frostflow Lighthouse and 16 on Thieves Guild Quests.

I'd like to link these videos to this Wikia somehow, however I understand that there is a lot of controversy over embedding videos around here. I'd like to get general permission before embedding my videos. In fact, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link my videos here because I remember that blog posts that were only video links have been removed in the past.

My videos are from the Xbox version of the game, I can do 780p quality, but many of my videos are in 380p because of technical difficulties. This has been corrected, and all future videos will be availible in 780p. The content focuses on finding every chest and skillbook. I begin with a humourous "snyping" of a chicken, essentially killing a chicken in a creative manner. That is based off my Youtube name, thechickensnyper. Next comes the title and the loot checklist. Finally, I play through the quest or location in question, commenting on strategies, exploits, or other topical topics.

I'm not an experienced Wikia editor. I prefer to write blogs and put things in talk pages so that people who better understand the format can add what they feel relates at a later time. However, I feel that I can contribute in a meaningful way with these videos. Please consider them.


EDIT: After talking to people on the IRC, I was told that links were allowed in blogs

The Walkthroughs will be sorted into playlists, based on the faction or region.