Title gets explained later. For now, let us pause and notice how aggressivly Barbas the Daedra dog follows me. I was trying to rotate my Dibella statue so that she would face the stairs, when suddenly I began inching to the right. Moving to compensate, I manage to tip her on her side. Finally, I let go of her and turn to see what's pushing me. As she clatters to the floor, there's Barbas giving me the sad puppy dog eyes, you know the ones.

No, I will not finish the Daedra's Best Friend quest. Yes I will keep Barbas AND the Rueful Axe. FU Clavicus!

Anyways, I got a little ragey after that, told Barbas and Mjoll to stay home. I went hunting, managed to bag about twenty deer, thirty wolves, ten sabre cats, and I think eight bears. Plus, I got a few horse and cow hides from looting Giants. So then I went back to Whiterun and checked my supply chest. I found it had about fifty leathers in it. I grab them, walk (can't run while encumbered) to the smithy next door, and then I made an unumbered amount of Hide Bracers. To sum it up, my smithy skill is 87 and I'm rocking Legendary Ebony Armor, which in my opinion is cooler looking than Daedric. Daedric has a bit too much in the way of spikes, I prefer more subtle lines.

To top it all off, I reached 70 in heavy armor and got the Conditioning and Matching Set perks. I'm a full plate ninja.

Not much else of note happened in the past few days, I collected some words, made some money, killed some dragons. I must say this, adventuring alone and with a buddy is two different worlds. Mjoll, Barbas and I could take on every creature on Nirn and every plane of Oblivion at the same time, head on. That's fun, but I could do the same thing, using stealth and lots of arrows. I'd just have to be smart about it.

The best thing I've done recently was getting three arrow sneak attacks on a dragon. I still don't know how I managed that one, that dragon must have been part blind.

I've also found that there's a few problems with leaving custom decorations out in my house. The other day, I placed the Diamond Dragon Claw, the Dibella statue I mentioned earlier, and the Hipbone of Pelagius on display in Breezehome. I went on an adventure, and when I came home my knick knacks had been replaced by the same stupid pots. Assuming that my rare and interesting stuff had been deleted, I commenced raging. However, as I was beating Lydia over the head with a carrot, I noticed a yellow object on the floor. It was the Dibella statue! It had somehow been moved to the downstairs dining room, even though I had placed it in the loft, underneath the weapons plaque I use to display my first War Axe. I placed it back where it belongs (not really, it belongs to this Argonian that lives off the coast of Dawnstar). I'm assuming the the Diamond Claw and the Hipbone are in the house, somewhere. Maybe Mjoll will find them while she's cleaning.

Oh yeah, I married Mjoll. And my character is a female. Lesbians are hot.

I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of good adventures, I'll have to keep better track of them. Adventure safely, or dangerously. Whatever.