Hi, I'm a Khajit, and I enjoy sneaking, and stabbing. I particularly enjoy stealing arrows from guards, casting frenzy on people, and annoying guards and then calling my pet dragon, whom I have renamed Charizard. He does not like that name, and does not come when I call it. Think of a jet black Khajit wearing Cicero's jester outfit.

I joined up with this wiki because I use it to get information on all sorts of things, and I feel like I should give something back. I don't have much in the way of in depth knowledge of the games, obscure lore and such, but i do know how to avoid a fair fight, climb mountains the wrong way, and how to not fight magic users. I hate those guys so much.

Anyways, I don't know what to do with a blog, I think that it's supposed to be a general announcement of "I am here!" but I really have no idea. I thought that the guards were commenting on fur coming out of my ears because I was Khajit, and not because I am a werewolf.

So, yeah, I'll be trying to help out sometimes, and I never could get the hang of hyperlinks.

In conclusion, I like Sheogorath more than I liked the unicorn in Oblivion. Stupid thing wanders off and attacked me a lot, I used the Wabbajack on it before I gave the Wabbajack to Martin for the Paradise gate, thus getting rid of two useless things at once. It turned into a dog and bit me, so I soul trapped it and killed it. Then, I put its soul gem on display in my house in Anvil and I throw it across the room with telekinisis every once in a while. One day it fell into a bucket full of the soul gems of Mai'q the Liar, a mud crab, four guards, a really stupid horse, a random citizen that I hit with a soul trap by mistake who was then killed by a freak rogue zombie (not my fault), that zombie's soul gem, and that grand black soul gem that has the arch mage in it. I never could tell which soul gem had the unicorn and which had the horse, so I threw both in Lake Niben. I hope that soul gems are not waterproof.

This conclusion was not very concludy.