Last I left off, I was in the Jarl's house at Dawnstar, after being awarded thaneness. I then went to Ivarstead and made the other blog post about the 7k steps. I begin the advneture proper at High Hrothgar, looking for words.

at 11:41 pm, the monks were all meditating, I found Angeir in bed in the west wing. He gave me directions to find the word in kilkreath ruins, in the mountains northwest of Solitude, near the shrine to Meridia.

One fast travel later, and i found the word wall. it was just up the path from the shrine, but it seemed to have glitched. Itn makes the fizzing sound, but none of the words a glowing and it will not let me learn the word. I decided to go kill things in wolfskull cave nearby instead.

The cave showed many signs of human habitation right away, carts everywhere, empty wine bottles. As I stopped to type that, a bandit came out of the cave and was splattered by my summoned battle axe. as I moved forward, i found a bandit thug sitting on a log to my left, who also learned how my axe tastes.

I should explain, since my name would indicate that I only sneak, and only stab. I'm probably more balanced than most characters, my stats at the time of this writing are;

20 destro, 29 restor, 16 alter, 43 enchant, 100 smith, 85 heavy, 52 block, 52 two hands, 93 one hand,94 archery, 63 light, 100 sneak,69 lockpick, 28 pickpocket, 42 speech, 31 alchemy, 50 illusion, and 54 conjuration.

As you can see, I favor stealth combat mixed with warrior frenzies, spiced with conjured weapons and atronochs.

I open a wooden door and go down some stairs into a brightly lit room, where a marauder and a thug attack me. I go for the marauder first, he's shooting arrows at me from a high flat rock on my right. as I approach, he draws a sword and charges. I move around to his right to avoid getting knocked off the rock, then I lay into him with the axe.

My attacks stagger him repeatedly, until he falls off the rock. as he draws his bow, I jump down and hit him with a power attack. This activates a third person finishing move where I slice my axe down his left side. He had five lockpicks :)

The thug has vanished up the stairs I came in, I sprint to follow him. As I enter the previous room, he ambushes me from the left, he's swinging a great sword, but I can tell that it's only stell because of the second handle on it. I kill him quickly, tanking his hits like a boss in my legendary dwarven armor.

Back in the bright room, I found an unlocked chest with two new spell tomes in it. As I went into my inventory to activate it, I came across a book in my inventory, The Keepers of the Razor. looking through the wiki, I failed to find an entery for it, a transcript follows;


Current Descendants of the Inner Circle

Jorgen of Morthal, 8th generation of Clan Axe-Bearer to bear the Hilt of Mehrunes' Razor. Son of Halnir, son of Koli, son of Malte, son of Lygrleid, son of Neddir, son of Lenne.

Ghunzul, leader of the Cracked Tusk Bandits, and 8th to bear the blade shards of Mehrunes' Razor. Son of shelakh, son of Mog, son of Grul, son of Durgob, son of Uzgakh, son of Ramolg, son of Othmash.

Drascua, leader of the Forsworn of Dead Crone Rock, and 8th to bear the pommel of Mehrunes' Razor. Daughter of Cairine, daughter of Edana, daughter of Malvina, daughter of Muriel, daughter of Riane, daughter of Cayleigh, daughter of Sorcha.


Of all the groups that pledged to eradicate the Mythic Dawn from Tamrieal, none were as inadvertently successful as the Keppers of the Razor. Originally a militia group founded to destroy the remnants of the Mythic Dawn, the group was renamed after discovering the legendary artifact of Mehrunes Dagon that became their namesake. How they found the Razor is a secret that I have been unable to uncover, but it is clear that they were not part of Frathen Drothan's failed expedition to Varsa Baalim, and in fact the group does not first appear in Imperial records until fifty years later.

The Razor was divided among the three highest ranking members of the order's inner circle, to be passed down from oldest child to oldest child "until the twin moons themselves diappeared from the skies." Although this pledge seems to have been loosely interpreted, as the moons did vanish from the heavens during The Void nights of 4E98-4E100, yet the Razor's pieves were still being bequeathed through the generations during and after this time.

Tracing the lineages of the inner circle proved especially difficult thanks to the group's unusual membership. while the leader of the Keeper of the Razor was a Nord and thankfully was easily researched through the clan's family histories, the other two members were an Orc and a native daughter of the Reach, whose culture's paucity of respect for literacy made tracking them down less than straightforward. Fortunatly, Othmash gro-Gularz and his sons are well recorded for their service in the Imperial Legion. Yet the daughters of Sorcha proved nearly impossible to find until I uncovered Markarth's meticoulously thorough tax records, which recorded each brith of sorcha's kin in order to administer certain petty fees. Sorcha's current decendant, Drascua, fled to Dead Crone Rock after the Markarth Incident, and is considered by the Jarl to be a major threat tot he safety of the hold."

Trancript ends, please copypasta this wherever it needs to go, I don't pretend to know much about page creation and such, just that this stuff needs to be documented.

so, back to wolfskull cave, there wasn't much else to do there but leave.I decided to go northwest to see what that coast looked like. First however, I wanted to see which standing stone was showing up on my map. after killing a bunny with a bound battle axe and capturing its soul, I found the Steed stone.

As I jumped down the mountains towards the sea, I found a thalmor patrol on the roads, killing a bear. Deciding that I did not want to engage their mage in anything less than a backstab attack, which was not availible, I headed down the mountain some more. as I approached the coast, I was set upon by a dozen ravenous bean bag chairs commonly called "horkers". One pile of tusks later, I decided to see how far I could swim. I got fairly deep into the cloud section of the map before it said "you cannot go that way."

Now curious to see just how far the limits of the world went, I got out my paper map and looked for roads leading out. I came across a road southeast of Riften, which I decided to investigate. I traveled to Broken Helm Hollow, where I turned southward. Alas! it said I had reached the end of the world just as I came in sight of a large gate on the road.

So, I went into my journal and found a quest, something about a moonstone amulet and embershard mine. I recognized the place as soon as I saw it on the map, and I decided it was time for a WEREWOLF KILLING SPREE!

The most annoying part of that was not eating to regain health, or the overlong eating animation, but that I couldn't unlock the door to the chest until I was back to normal

After fast traveling to where the quest marker was, I realized that this quest was for one of those Khajit caravaneers who went all over the place. I really like those guys, they show up at random times, help me kill stuff, and then they buy my loot.

The next quest I had laying around was to clear the Forsworn from Kolskeggr mine, I fast traveled there and found myself immidiatly set upon by those cavepeople. I killed three of them with my bound battleaxe, but then this random dragon swooped down and attacked me, I died in a fire. my fire resist was only 16%, since my 50% resist was on my shield, which was in my backpack.

So, I went to Whiterun, to get some things from my house. Namely, the Shourded Hood from the Dark Brotherhood. After I got that, and dumped all the vendor trash I'd accumulated, I headed over to the grindstone, popped a potion, and made a legendary Glass Dagger, Or, I was going to, but I forgot my refined malachite. By the time I'd gotten my materials together, the bonus was gone. I still got a legendary dagger thoughm, 35X30=1050 FTW!

So, decked out in Assasin's gear, I headed to the mine. This time, I would go in from Sky Haven Temple, sneaking and stabbing. I tend to get really annoyed after dying.

It didn't work, the Forsworn saw me and that same dragon got me.

I tried the same thing again, and saw the wierdest dragon behavior. It attacked the Forswrn, ignored me, went and played with something on a hill across the river, then it flew straight up and vanished. That dragon achieved escape velocity and is now the orbital ancient dragon.

The mine was cleared very quickly, only five Forsworn in the who place, and the only one of note was a briarheart who found me. I staggered him with about 5/8 shots

I then decided that I was going to get archery 100, just so I could paralyze with my arrows. I intended to just shoot Shadowmere a lot, but then I found an ancient dragon that needed killing. It was harder than I thought it would be, mostly because the shrouded armor had no fire resistance. however, an extreme healing potion and a potion of true shot was all I needed to bring him down.

Then, the oddest thing happened, I got a letter of inheretence from Gat gro-Shargakh. I didn't marry him, and he only gave me 100 gold, minus the tax. cheapo dead guy.

This was all at the edge of Markarth, and so I started talking to the crowd who came to see the dead dragon. one of them was named Ragatus, who wanted me to give a letter to his son, Leonitus. So, I did.

I have to say, the Shrouded Set makes for awesome travel. I even unequiped my shield so I could sprint for over five minutes at a time, I was probably faster than I am on Shadowmere. I've really got to disenchant them and use them for the crafting of an legendary dragonscale set sometime.

I went to the inn, and found that one of the rooms availible was Tiber Septim's room. So, i bought it and rested an hour, woke up to screaming, because apparently one of my roomates was a ghost, and he didn't pay for his room. he talked about some ancient battle, and sworn brothers, and then the inkeeper told me to go to some cave and get his sword. Why not?

Along the way to the cave, I got jumped by a bear, which I killed with my glass dagger. It was really surprising how different the playstyles are between light armor and dagger fighting and heavy armor and battleaxe fighting, after i switched from one to the other so quickly the difference was readily apparent.

As I got closer to the cave, I ran into a camp full of Forsworn. I killed two of them with the dagger in open combat, but then three jumped me together. I ran off, summoned my bow, and shot them down as they came at me. I then entered Serpent's Bluff redoubt, which was very easy to clear due to the huge amount of darkness. however, the gate almost defeated me, I used the Wiki to find out that I have to use a preassure plate on the table to open it.

The Forsworn are nasty in a fair fight, but i noticed they have terrible hygiene. I'd give their rebellion a month before they all get sick and die.

So sword in hand, I gave it to the ghost, who taught me how to do one handed and block better. I talked to the innkeeper again, and she told me to kill some dudes over at Dragon's Bridge Overlook. So, I did.

However, I forgot that I was wanted around Solitude for killing the Emporer's decoy. As a gaurd confronted me, I conjured my bow and shot him down.

3000 bounty later, I was on my way to the main target. The hardest part of that target was getting there, the Overlook is fairly remote. There was only one hostile there, a Forsworn Ravager. He was looking at his map, too bad it didn't show him the way to Sovengarde. I gave him directions and fast traveled to Understone Keep to collect my reward.

After that, I decided to see how many Solitude gaurds I could kill before I got caught. Considering how hard it is to sneak outside, I got caught very quickly. Still, I managed to kill at least eight of them, and even got into the city before twenty people piled on my and killed me. I also learned that if you kill the last witness, your bounty decreeases

The next time, I went up into a guard tower and sniped from the walls. I used doorways to funnel my enemies and force them to fight me one by one. I killed at least 12 of them if my bonuty count is anything to go by, I personally lost count.

As i snuck through the bodies, my detected eye kept popping up. So, I shot a bunch of birds out of the sky. that did the trick. Then I found the Thalmor headquarters >=D

Sadly, there were no elves to kill. I went back outside and turned into a werewolf. I ran all over the place, finding as many people to kill as I could. Then, I went to reload the game, but I realized that it only keeps the last three autosaves, and It had autosaved three times after I left the city. So, Solitude now has a serious population problem.

I decided that I would do a Dark Brotherhood Forever mission, and then quit for a while. I was really bummed out about Solitude being all dead now. A Nervous Patron gave me 1200 gold to kill a Poor Fishwife. She died in a freak Dragon attack.

So, that's all for now.