• Snow X Arrow

    I'm asking. What do you want for DLC, Expantion Pack, Update etc

    Just write it down in the Post Comment and i will check them and write it on this list! Maybe Bethesda will see this and make a DLC, Expantion Pack or Update!

    • Can level up to 100
    • Psiijic Order
    • Summerset Isles
    • Destroy the Aldmeri Dominion
    • New were animals
    • Get your own ship become a captain, pirate or sailor
    • New factions (Bandit, Pirate Dragon Cult)
    • Spears
    • Adoptable Children
    • Bard Skill
    • An expansion which plays out differently depending on what side you took in the civil war
    • Divorce
    • More NPCs
    • More Dungeons
    • More Craftable items
    • More Marriage Options!
    • More Spells
    • New Race (Sea Elf, Snow Elf, Dwemer, Akaviri, More Khajiit etc.)
    • Playable Instruments and animations
    • Watch when your carriage is driving (optiā€¦

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  • Snow X Arrow

    As the title says, What side of the Civil War did you choose, and why? Did you choose The Stormcloak Army? or The Imperial Legion?

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