• SolarFlareHD

    As a tall, thin Bosmer trudged through the soot that had fallen, with his bow in hand ready to strike enemies at a moments notice he muttered to himself, "Why would they choose me to come to this retched wasteland?", he's a member of the Dark Brotherhood back in his homeland of Valenwood, someone had preformed the black sacrament, and ordered two Dunmer on the island of Solstheim to be assassinated, Glagon looked up and saw a small shack, he quietly ran up the the door, he opened the door, it letting out a small creak, he entered silently and looked around, he saw a two Dunmer, asleep in a bed, they were his targets, he creeped up beside the bed and slit the throat of the male Dark Elf, who gasped for air as he drowned in his own blood, th…

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