As a tall, thin Bosmer trudged through the soot that had fallen, with his bow in hand ready to strike enemies at a moments notice he muttered to himself, "Why would they choose me to come to this retched wasteland?", he's a member of the Dark Brotherhood back in his homeland of Valenwood, someone had preformed the black sacrament, and ordered two Dunmer on the island of Solstheim to be assassinated, Glagon looked up and saw a small shack, he quietly ran up the the door, he opened the door, it letting out a small creak, he entered silently and looked around, he saw a two Dunmer, asleep in a bed, they were his targets, he creeped up beside the bed and slit the throat of the male Dark Elf, who gasped for air as he drowned in his own blood, the female woke up and screamed at the sight of her husband bleeding out next to her and his assassin standing above him with a shiny, red blade. Glagon quickly grabbed her hair in his fist, he pulled her towards him, tears streaming down her face, she begged for her life but to no avail, remorselessly the Bosmer slit her throat as he had done to her husband, once she stopped flailing he let go of her hair and she fell to the dusty ground with a thump. As he turned to leave he heard something that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, a baby crying, he slowly turned around and saw an infant Dunmer, the child who's parents he had just killed, "Damn it..." He said quietly as he picked up the crying child and wrapped him in a bloody sheet, "What am I supposed to do now?" He asked himself hoping for someone to answer, he had just killed the parents of this infant, he couldn't just leave him there to suffer the same fate, he decided reluctantly to take the baby back to Valenwood with him. He looted the shack of all it's gold, when he saw a large egg on a shelf, he walked over and picked it up, wondering what was inside it he decided to bring that as well. He walked out of the shack and went back to his home, Elden Root. When he arrived at his house he opened the door to be greeted by his wide, Syelicia, "Back already?" She asked him, give him a hug. "Yeah, it was easier than I though...", he said in a slightly sad voice, "What's wrong?", Syelicia asked him, he didn't speak, he just held out the baby, "Why do you have this?", she asked puzzled, "The targets had a son.", Glagon said, handing the baby to her, "Now he's ours, I wasn't just going to leave him there to die.", he said, hoping that his wife would understand, surprisingly she held the infant to her chest, hugging him, "What's his name?", she asked happily, "How about Dendros?" Glagon said, that was his father's name. "That's perfect.", she said, "Are we going to tell him?", "When he's old enough, yes." Glagon said sadly. A few years passed by, Dendros was like any normal Bosmer child, his father tought him to use a bow, and navigate through the dense trees of Valenwood, the egg had hatched into a small Silt Strider that Dendros had named Jiub. Many more years passed by without Dendros asking why he looked different than everyone else. But that all came to an end on his 140th birthday, "Dad, why do I look like a Dark Elf?", he asked, he already knew the answer though, he had overheard his parents talking a couple months before about when to tell him that he isn't a Wood Elf. "I wished this day would never come..." Glagon said solemnly, "I used to be a member of the Dark Brotherhood, I was assigned to go to a small island off the coast of Morrowind to assassinate two Dunmer. They were your parents, I couldn't leave you there to die as well, so I brought you back to Valenwood with me.", as he finished talking he was met by a punch in the face that sent him flying into the wall behind him, "You murder!" Dendros screamed, "I'm leaving, never talk to me again or I'll kill you just like you killed my parents!" He yelled at the Bosmer that had raised him, Dendros grabbed all the gold he could find, his elven bow,and some arrows, "Come on Jiub, let's go.", he yelled into the next room where his bestfriend was asleep, he woke up and walked into the room where Dendros was looting, "We're leaving in just a minute.", he said to the Silt Strider, "I might as well take this.", he said as he grabbed a sword off the wall. He cursed at his adoptive father as he slammed the door. For the next couple years Dendros and Jiub traveled around Tamriel working as a mercenary, he had trained himself how to use magic and to use a sword in combat. After a number of years, he finally settled down in the city of Windhelm in Skyrim, with Jiub. He had always wanted to visit the northern section of Tamriel. He loved it there, mostly because of the cold weather, but the only thing wrong with it was the racism towards Dunmer. For some reason they hated Dark elves with a passion. But he didn't take what the said to heart, to be honest, he didn't exactly care about what they thought. They were just a group of drunken, racist Nords. He only had a couple of Dunmer friends within the city. But they were enough for him. He hadn't seen his parents in years, but he didn't want to see them. He would never be able to forgive his father, ever.

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