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    Thoron's tale

    December 12, 2013 by Sonicadam1324


    The Date was 4E194. Thoron was looking up at the arena. He was a Nord and was only ten. His dad was with him. “Is this truly what you want?” asked Thoron’s father. Thonronr had wanted to join the arena since a young age, he want to be a champion of it and with the title, the money to help his parents. His parents were poor and lived in a shanty town outside of the city with other poor people. “yes” said Thonronr “I want to help the family”

    “You understand that it is very difficult to become a champion, you must yield when it is needed or you may die”

    “I understand Father” Thoron replied. Thoron took a deep breath and entered the Arena without his father.

    Inside there were people queuing to see the next fight and a door way saying comb…

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