The Date was 4E194. Thoron was looking up at the arena. He was a Nord and was only ten. His dad was with him. “Is this truly what you want?” asked Thoron’s father. Thonronr had wanted to join the arena since a young age, he want to be a champion of it and with the title, the money to help his parents. His parents were poor and lived in a shanty town outside of the city with other poor people. “yes” said Thonronr “I want to help the family”

“You understand that it is very difficult to become a champion, you must yield when it is needed or you may die”

“I understand Father” Thoron replied. Thoron took a deep breath and entered the Arena without his father.

Inside there were people queuing to see the next fight and a door way saying combatants, but before Thoron could continue he was stopped by a city guard. “halt child, where are you parents”

“outside sir, I’m here as a trainee”

“then you need to meet the captain of the watch, they are here today to take up new recruits for the arena”

“why him?”

“it’s a she, and she is here to make sure only the best are chosen, since the normal recruiter seems to be incompetent of doing so, I’ll take you to her” Thoron followed the guard down the hall of the combatants. There were paintings of the champions though out the years. At the end of the hall there was a woman. She has a list in her hand. “another new one?” she asked?

“yes ma’am”   responded the guard. The Captain looked at Thoron and nodded, you don’t seem capable, but of course looks can’t really tell, and the will be capable to battle in a few years’ time, and remember  once you sign up, the arena will be your home” Thoron nodded, the captain gave Thoron a sheet of paper with the terms and conditions, Thoron didn’t read them, he had some on his bedroom wall and he read them every night. Thoron signed his name at the bottom, the one of the few things he knew how to write. The captain looked at the signature “so, your name is Thoron , I welcome you to your new life” Thoron nodded

Thoron was given a tour of the Arena. He was told where his sleeping quarters  were, and he was soon the bloodworks and the training area. Then since there was not a match on he was shown the arena pit itself. There were still body parts at the edges of the arena since they were not cleaned up until all the fights finished, since the last battle was ten minutes ago they were cleaning it up. There were still people in the area surrounding the arena pit.  They were still talking about the match and other things, namely the state of the empire. But Thoron being young did not understand nor did he care about the state of the empire. Then he was taken back to his quarters. There were more kids there this time. There were a mix of races. A imperial and a Redguard walked up to Thoron, “what do you want, Nord, you are in the wrong place” said the imperial the Redguard stood behind him and nodded. “my mum said it was the Nords that caused the unrest in Bravil” said the redgaurd. A Dunmer  came up to them and shouted “leave him alone, it was the skooma dealers that caused it, it was not nords, Nords are a good race, they gave us back Solstheim, they had a choice and they felt sorry about the red year”

“go away dark elf, this isn’t any of your business “

“make me, I hope your parents get found by the Thalmor” The Imperial and the Dunmer started to fight. A kajeet came over and tried to stop them. Thoron helped. Once the two were split up Thoron thanked the dunmer, “no problem, my name is Balamus Indalara, whats yours?”

“it’s Thoron, and what is yours?” and Thoron turned to the Kajeet.

“it’s Jo'Rakha, are you not going to hit me?”

“why would I?”

“most people do”