• Soonji


    April 25, 2012 by Soonji

    It must be said that out of all the greatness that is Skyrim there is nothing like sharing your adventure. There are certainly many great MMO and MMORPG's out there. What I propose is most likely impossible, but gives me a great thrill to consider:

    Skyrim Multiplayer.

    This concept (in my mind) includes combat against other players' characters, having another player as a companion, multiple dialogue options as seen in Star Wars the Old Republic, and similar multiplie player attributes.

    I am not savy in the ways of design, however, I have a vision in which Skyrim's massive world, with an experience unique to each player, be shared, not through just talking, blogs, etc., but in the game itself.

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  • Soonji

    Thieves Guild Robs Skyrim

    April 20, 2012 by Soonji

    In my second playthrough of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I began a focus on the Thieves Guild. In my quest to become guild master and obtain all the extra items that guild has to offer, I noticed that the Thieves Guild has as much character per se as the Main Quest. I became emerged into the role of a thief in skyrim with less effort than effort placed in being the Dragonborn.

    I consider this experience a positive one, but one that provokes thought as to why it was designed so extensively. There are the two other major guilds: a mage of Winterhold and a Companion (representing the "Warriors Path") at the hold Whiterun. It is the Thieves Guild of Riften, however that really delivers a holistic adventure.

    It can be speculated the designers of the …

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