In my second playthrough of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I began a focus on the Thieves Guild. In my quest to become guild master and obtain all the extra items that guild has to offer, I noticed that the Thieves Guild has as much character per se as the Main Quest. I became emerged into the role of a thief in skyrim with less effort than effort placed in being the Dragonborn.

I consider this experience a positive one, but one that provokes thought as to why it was designed so extensively. There are the two other major guilds: a mage of Winterhold and a Companion (representing the "Warriors Path") at the hold Whiterun. It is the Thieves Guild of Riften, however that really delivers a holistic adventure.

It can be speculated the designers of the game either planned it this way or it came about coincidently. In the end it isn't to important what was the motive, if any, behind making it this way. What is important is the resulting playthrough the player has in front of them.

Small jobs can be somewhat tedious, but taken in short spurts of ten or so, they create one of the most believable Role-Playing Game elements. I find myself concerned about being caught by a guard and being excited about using newly unlocked perks to better my thieving abilities. In addition, there is always a reward, be it septims, merchants, armor, or more quests.

Regardless of how the Thieves Guild came to have such an excellence presence in the Skyrim world, it is a guild which I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed.