I was bored so I made this. Enjoy!

  • Dont pick up someone else's pants. The guards might charge you one gold coin.
  • If you get shot with an arrow, you can serve a prison sentence and it still be poking out of your face.
  • I get arrested because some idiot whom im supposed to talk to won't let me in his hous, but i can wipe out half of Imperial City and no one notices.
  • Nobody notices the guy walking around in a black hood with a bloody dagger.
  • Apparently, you can Superglue a bunch of rocks together and attach it to a car battery and call it an Astronach.
  • Somehow, a Daedroth slipped into Imperial City and starts raving around. (epic WTF moment here.)
  • It makes no difference if you shoot someone in the face or in the foot.
  • You cant rip a carcass's mouth out, cut his manhood off and hang him from the ceiling and no one notices.
  • You can't t-bag in Tamriel.
  • nobody thinks its important to close that fiery circle outside your home that is spawning devilish... thingies...
  • Lizards. Can. Talk.
  • There is an entire race of talking cats and not one of them is named Fluffy.

(in case you haven't noticed, all of these are from TES IV.)