Most of you guys wouldn't realize this, but I'm pretty good where it comes to alchemy. Sure your mage can blast out 300 points of damage with some awesome fireball spell, but what good is it when you've been hit by a poison that silences you? And warriors, how are you going to swing that sword when I just paralyzed you with a poisoned dagger?

Alchemy opens the door to some of the most potent effects available in the game. If a mage were to try and create a silence and paralyze spell on target, for any real length of time, it would burn through most of their magicka. Poisons can combine both of those effects, and most of the ingredients are not hard to find. This blog is here so myself and the other great alchemists whom I presume are on this Wiki can help you not so alchemically inclined to make whatever potions you need for a given task.

So, feel free to post questions and queries if you need help, or if you know a thing or two about alchemy share a few potion recipes. Every so often I'll put a few up here so that others can try them out.

Potions (Potions in Bold were not invented by me, instead they came from the community):

  • Mage's Lifeblood (SE): Mix Flame Stalk, Withering Moon, Blister Pod Cap and Water Root Pod Pit to create a potion that restores both Health and Magicka (Novice).
  • Daedra Bane: Mix Ectoplasm and Ogre's Teeth to create a Shock damage poison, perfect for hunting Daedra (Journeyman).