Everyone knows the basics about the Civil War. That the Stormcloaks are fighting for Skyrim's freedom from the Empire, which has corrupted itself. But lately, from deep thought, I've come to question my allegiance to the Stormcloak Rebellion. Ulfric does have a rightful claim to the throne, but to detatch from the Empire entirely? That's completely giving way to the Aldmeri Dominion. With Tamriel divided, how could Skyrim hope to stand solely against the elves and their followers? I've always been one for the Empire, under the Septim Dynasty. But they can deal with who rules whom only after the Dominion is put in its place. The Empire would be stronger with a united Skyrim at their side. I do believe in Ulfric's intentions to liberate Skyrim to live at peace by itself, but how long would the peace last until the Altmer fully challenge it? So, I guess this could be justification for joining the Imperial Legion, though I do hate to put Ulfric down.