The Stolen Silver Sword

If the iron longsword doesn't chop down your enemies fast enough, maybe this beautiful silver one will. Just don't get in much trouble with the law, just yet, because you have to steal it. Journ to Bruma, the snowy city in the Jerall Mountains, and legally make your way into the dungeon. Just inside, there is a bedroom type room, and on the dresser, laying out for everyone to see, there is a shiny silver longsword practically begging you to steal it. The chance of getting nabbed are so low, sneaking shouldn't be needed. Try not to alert the guards to any past crimes, or you'll lose your new best friend. For a low-level character, a silver longsword is not only hard to acquire, but also invaluable. One slash, a jab here and there, and you have one dead enemy's body. Now, you can stop right here, or go slay a Bruma guard to get your very own, not-stolen silver longsword. Your choice.

Easy Vamp

The easiest and quickest way to becom a vampire is to follow the "Order of the Virtuous Blood" quest. Just allow the vampires using melee combat to contract Porphyric Hemophilia. Then just wait for three days to be a vampire yourself! Tada!

I'll gladly accept any little hints, tips, and tricks you may have! :)