I was thinking that maybe every type of magic ought to have an atronach or two of its own. Destruction has the Flame, Frost, and Storm, so what about Illusion, Alteration, and Restoration? So I'll begin, and maybe I could have some critique?

Illusion Atronachs

The following are less offensive, but vital for battle. I understand that spells such as Candlelight and Paralyze are Alteration spells, but they seemed more fitting in an Illusion-style atronach. Apologies to anyone offended.

Noise Atronach

Being female in shape, the Noise Atronach is graceful and intelligent, with no intention of combat. It instead interprets the Conjurer's command and will either move away or stay near said Conjurer, and let out a noise louder, and much less beautiful and calming than its normal humming. The noise will draw attention to the atronach, which will aid the Conjurer in combat, but it will not take part itself. It can be damaged by any magical attacks. It is a mass of swirling silver and purple aura draped in a silver dress-like aura. Not the atronach of choice for thieves.

Light Atronach

The Light Atronach can create bright light that has the potential to paralyze an enemy, but most commonly disorients the enemy. It is able to levitate to approximately the height of a giant in order to create a larger area of effect. It can also become invisible and flash at random locations, further disorienting enemies. They also serve as torches or decoys in caves or forts. A bright white light, similar to Candlelight, only larger and slightly human shaped. A possible choice for thieves.

Thought Atronachs

Thought Atronachs come in two forms- Fury and Calm- and are often mistaken as spectres, being shaped as such and nearly transparent. Fury Atronachs are red in color, and Calm Atronachs are blue-green, embodiments of their appropriate spell. They will spread their influence over anyone, friend or foe, who touches them, intensifying battle or dulling it. Fury Atronachs move in a faster, more aggressive manner than Calm Atronachs.

Alteration Atronachs

Atronachs used for Alteration purposes can change armor ratings, create light, and help the Conjurer detect life.

Light Atronach

Due to spells concerning balls of light being catagorized as Alteration, Light Atronachs also fall into this school's atronach list. Consult above description.

Armor Atronach

Armor Atronachs, when used in battle, will increase their Conjurer and the Conjurer's allies' armor ratings. They can shield their Conjurer with their own bodies made entirely of a complete floating set of armor. They differ in armor types based on both Alteration and Conjuration skill levels. Ex, an adept Alteration level Conjurer will create an atronach based on the spell Ironflesh, which will result in similar effects and an atronach composed of iron armor. They are very loyal, and masculine in form.

Detection Atronach

Detection Atronachs are very thin and take a slightly female shape. When cast, they will become a writhing dark-gray aura, and once they detect any form of non-hostile life, they will turn to a light blue that moves as if it's being stirred, and whatever it detected will glow a faint light blue, like the spell. When it detects any potentially hostile beings, whether living or undead, it will turn a red color which seems to crackle and twitch. On an off note, a (made up) Conjurer known as the "Atronach Whisperer" reported that they are very troubled and paranoid beings.

Restoration Atronachs

Healing and Wards are features of the Restoration school, and thus are reflected in its Atronachs

Health Atronachs

They most resemble a human embodiment of the health potion. The stronger the spell cast, the stronger and more potent the atronach's magic. It will roam around the battle, granting health to the caster's allies. It will disappear either after the time has run out, or the magic has been drained from it. You can tell when it is running low on power as it becomes more and more translucent. Does not cure sickness or diseases.

Curing Atronachs

These rare atronachs are a rich green in color, and require much magicka to conjure. They appear in a kind, Priestess-like form, wandering between disease victims with their heads bowed and palms together. They will cure any disease at a leveled cost of stamina, magicka, and health. They can kill a character, by accident of course, if their health isn't high enough for the atronach to cure them. They are commonly last resorts. A select few have been heard to be manipulated by evil forces and instill a sickness upon a healthy, unsuspecting victim.

Ward Atronachs

A pulsating blue ward in the form of a sentient shield/body, that will rush to protect its conjurer from all magical attacks. They won't attack on their own, being a Restoration atronach, but may get in the way of your magical attacks. They are loyal, yet clumsy, and can be both a help and a hinder in battle. They may try to defend their conjurer against non-magical attacks, but to no avail.

If you all think of anything else, please let me know!