Hai all! its anju here, I have an odd question for you. Have you ever wanted a little more realistic interaction with people in the Elder Scrolls series? Have you ever thought "Why isnt my character lonely". Are you finding that the adoring fan is a horrible companion to have because you jsut want to shoot him in the face with a bow? Well, Why not add a relationship meter in skyrim! For example, You walk into the mages guild, And there is a really powerfull mage in the arts of destruction. You really want him to be following you and help you battle the many fierce creatures of the game. You would have to do some tasks for him, Persuade him, And or, Sure enough, Do some tasks for him. This would be assigned to some Npc's that would be usefull to the player. One, for example could be a traveling merchant. But this is just an idea, Feel free to criticize, or expand the idea! love you all! anju out! ~.^ <33