• StalinGrad6

    So i have a question... a musing, if you will... a general, very silly but strangely fun idea.

    What if = the Fallout universe, was the precursor to the Elder scrolls universe?

    Why i asked that question: Theres a peculiar similarity between Nirns geology, some of the creatures in bestiary Lore, and most of all - Masser, and Secunda. Nirns moons.

    Theory: The crazy nutbags from Big MT, or maybe another research firm from China, Europe or Russia somehow managed to build something. Something of epic enough power to split timespace or dimensions.

    Why: look at em. Big MT. scientists. look at the tech. its possible they couldve done somming like that! they lack the common sense to not try something like it!

    Theory 2: Extrasolar event, such as massive s…

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  • StalinGrad6

    guns, pistols and gunpowder. many say no. lore, technology, magic, but... instead of M-16s and Makarovs and shellcasings and gunpowder, why not this instead?

    alchemy has its uses yes? in alchemy and potion making they use MANY ingredients (fire salts in particular) that seem (at least to me) to be highly volatile.

    SO instead of flintlock pistols or bullets and guns

    create a gun-shaped device, that uses various elements (fire salts for flame, void salts for shock, frost salts for frost) and with some kind of mechanism or an expenditure of a certain amount of magicka, expel this 'ammunition' creating a single directed devastating blast of elemental energy. at higher skill levels with this, the player may get to use bits and pieces of things, ro…

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