So i have a question... a musing, if you will... a general, very silly but strangely fun idea.

What if = the Fallout universe, was the precursor to the Elder scrolls universe?

Why i asked that question: Theres a peculiar similarity between Nirns geology, some of the creatures in bestiary Lore, and most of all - Masser, and Secunda. Nirns moons.

Theory: The crazy nutbags from Big MT, or maybe another research firm from China, Europe or Russia somehow managed to build something. Something of epic enough power to split timespace or dimensions.

Why: look at em. Big MT. scientists. look at the tech. its possible they couldve done somming like that! they lack the common sense to not try something like it!

Theory 2: Extrasolar event, such as massive supernova shockwave or devastating comet strike maybe, somehow turning everything topsy turvy.

Why i think these things: Secunda has a striking resemblance to a number of Earths celestial bodies, namely Mars or Jupiters moon Io. Masser as well looks more like our own moon, Luna, earths original moon.

Some of the nasty buggers the player fights such as Centaurs, Giant Ants and various other nasties in Fallout COULD very well be the precursors to Frostbite Spiders, Minotaurs and other creatures, as in: evolution. With the way crap went through in New Vegas and FO3 the mutations and damage could very well have been the ancestors of Skyrims beasties. Think about it. Weve only been through North America, and a small portion of it through all fallout games so far, what about the rest of the planet? Mammoths couldve evoled from African or Indian Elephants, Frostbite Spiders from some unknown arachnid in Asia. Maybe even Minotaurs or Dreughs from Centaurs.

Geology - exactly like Earth. Tamriel itself is one enormous melting pot of no fewer than 30 different ecosystems spread across countries. Just like Earth. Deserts of Ali'kir - Sahara. Skyrim - Sweden or Siberia. Cyrodiil - Forests of Europe. its shockingly similar.

i cant think of anything else to support that theory... but i'll think of something!