I just don't get it. So many people on here blow off things like CHIM, the Godhead, Kalpas. and other fsacinating snippets of lore.Is it because it is confusing? Yes, it can be. But thats what makes TES lore so great. Its not the standard mythical land with black and white gods, or a world eternally stuck in the middle ages. It is unique, has as many concepts as our world (ok, maybe not, but still), and is complex. Also, Michael Kirkbride. People at Bethesda say he is the number one contributor to lore, and worked at bethesda for many years. He wrote much of Oblivions dialog, and guess what Skyrim civil war fans, he is the one who thought of the White-Gold concordat.he is the one who told us what the Thalmor are really fighting for ( to destroy the towers) and so much more. So please guys, get over your silly hate and enjoy the lore.