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  • StarlinSkyrim

    New Avatar

    March 16, 2012 by StarlinSkyrim

    As you may have noticed, I have a new avatar. Why a chicken, you ask? Well because chickens are the most valuable creatures in Skyrim.

    It is also a change, since I'm now ranked #30 on the wiki :)

    StarlinSkyrim (talk) 00:46, March 16, 2012 (UTC)StarlinSkyrim

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  • StarlinSkyrim

    Skyrim Poetry Contest

    February 25, 2012 by StarlinSkyrim

    Well, if you clicked on this blog post, you must already know what it's about. Lets have a contest for who can write the best poem about Skyrim. I'll begin.

    "Yesterday I killed a bear

    Deep in the wilds of Skyrim

    Then I climbed a cliff

    And ate a stick

    Of toadstools, which unfortunately

    Gave me a case of damegry

    My health bar went flying down

    And I jumped to my death

    Reloading, I didn't eat the stick

    But instead I skipped

    To Windhelm

    I was hot on the trail of a murderer

    Who unfortunatley was a friend Bosmer

    A zombie attacked

    And I hacked, and I hacked

    Until shards of zombie

    Flew around me

    Then- my game froze

    Oh happiest day

    So I went and I ate a giant's toe

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  • StarlinSkyrim

    So many people post about this, and I'll join the club :-)

    1. NEVER, under ANY circumstances, kill a chicken. You will be followed by a farmer who someone owns a knife for the rest of your life.
    2. NEVER ask the guards about thier life, unless you want to hear some drawn out tale of getting shot in the knee. You will get irked by thier warnings and will kill them, and strangely enough there is a bounty for ridding the world of an incompetent unneeded guard.
    3. Don't diss Talos, or Heimskir will eat your brains with a silver spoon
    4. Don't shout in the cities, indoor voices only, please.
    5. Don't kill Ulfric Stormcloak, or his naked body will stay in the Hall of Kings, just to remind you what you did and to mold up the carpet
    6. Don't play tag with kids. They are …
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  • StarlinSkyrim

    Shae Lalett- Part Two

    February 12, 2012 by StarlinSkyrim

    When we last left Shae, she had escaped Valenwood and gotten to Skyrim, where she joined the Dark Brotherhood.

    Shae rose quickly through the ranks of the Brotherhood, and eventually gained the dubious honor of becoming the Night Mother's listener. Shae was thrilled. Her family was not as enthusiastic, but she knew they'd come round. Then everything changed. Astrid told Shae that she would be contracted to kill the Emperor. Shae prepared for weeks, killing the right people, posing as the Gormet. She was eager- this dynasty of Emperors had been the one who had let the Thalmor kill her father. She put the poisoned food in front of Titus Mede, and waited. He tasted it. He fell....dead. Shae knew she had done it. She lept out of the castle and …

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  • StarlinSkyrim

    Shae Lalett

    January 29, 2012 by StarlinSkyrim

    Shae Lalett was a Wood Elf, was born in the forests of Valenwood on the Second of Fredas, 221. From a young age, she was trained in Archery and Sneaking, up until she could sneak up on her prey in a wood from a mile away without being heard or seen. Her father was a High Elf, named Naverno and her mother was a Wood Elf named Yae Lalett, who had died a month after her birth, making her a hybrid of Magic, sneaking, and the ability to speak with the beasts. She worshipped Talos, along with her community. After the Thalmor threatened anyone who openly worshipped Talos, her father and friends were afraid, but they refused to give into tyranny. And thus Shae was brought up.

    Unfortunatley, the wild and fey life ended suddenly for her. Her father w…

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