• cough* Here we go...

So, first of all, I killed Ulfric Stormcloak. Now your probably wondering, how can this be a funny story with Ulfric if he's dead on the floor of the Hall of the Kings? Never fear. Anyways, I collect clothes, so I strip his body down and get "Ulfric's Clothes", boots; pretty much everything on him. Now, my game glitched out, and his body has stayed in the Hall of the Kings to this day.

I returned after the end of the war to visit Laila Law-Giver (I did like her, even if her steward was a jerk and a cheat and a High Elf to boot (did you ever expect otherwise?)) I see that Ulfric's dead naked body is still there, so I'm like 'Yeah, whatever'. Then, the old steward of Falkreath walks up, gasps, and says, "Whoa, what happened here??" I crack up.