Below is the tale of ignorance and woe. *Ahem*

Problem #1

I married Benor, which was probably my first problem. To those of you who don't know, Benor must have been the ugliest NPC ever created. Seriously, Bethesda must have been playing a gag on us. His face tiny and his voice sounds like a smoker. Unfortunatley, he was the only marriable guy I could find.
TESV Benor

There he is...the ugliest guy in all of Skryim

Problem #2

I get the misc. quest to visit my spouse's house, which, for Benor, is the guard house. I cannot get in because it is locked tight. So I did what any smart Skyrim player would do. I waited till nightfall and picked the lock on the door and finally get the update that I've finished my quest. I move Benor to Breezehome and leave him downstairs and Lydia upstairs to babysit him while I'm gone.

Problem #3

I leave on some dashing quest, and after going up a few levels I feel bad for Benor, all alone at home with Lydia (I mean, she's not very interesting. She's got brains like Jello). I take him with me on a Imperial Legion quest, and hope he, looking all tough with his voice and big ole hammer, would kill some baddies. Unfortunately, I was wrong, which brings us to Problem #4

Problem #4

I get cold feet at the last moment. I mean, Benor's ugly and all, but I spent good time marrying him and he does get me gold, so I sent him home before we could get into any trouble with the Stormcloaks.

Skip past my vanquishing the foe (Oh I bet you're disappointed)


I'm walking through Solitude, on my way to deliver rum to the Blue Palace, and a courier comes up with the (not so) sad news that Benor died. How? How, you ask? How when I SENT HIM HOME FROM THE ACTION!!? Oh, I'm sure he got mugged by some mudcrabs or beaten to death by bunny rabbits.

The good news: I got 400 gold in inheritance

The bad news: That's all I got