Shae Lalett was a Wood Elf, was born in the forests of Valenwood on the Second of Fredas, 221. From a young age, she was trained in Archery and Sneaking, up until she could sneak up on her prey in a wood from a mile away without being heard or seen. Her father was a High Elf, named Naverno and her mother was a Wood Elf named Yae Lalett, who had died a month after her birth, making her a hybrid of Magic, sneaking, and the ability to speak with the beasts. She worshipped Talos, along with her community. After the Thalmor threatened anyone who openly worshipped Talos, her father and friends were afraid, but they refused to give into tyranny. And thus Shae was brought up.


Unfortunatley, the wild and fey life ended suddenly for her. Her father was killed in a tree-house fire, set by "Unkown Persons" as the athorities said. Shae was heartbroken, but her broken heart quickly hardened. She joudetermined to find the killer and avenge her parent. After a little digging in the wreckage, she realized that the Thalmor had dropped a helmet, near her house, just before the fire started. That assured her of the killer's identity. She also found a worn book under the house, secured in a knapsack. Opening it, she realized it was her father's journal from twenty years previously. She realized that her father was not the man he appeared to be. These were the last journal entries:
Skorm Storm-Strider Journal

Naverno's Journal

Naverno's Journal

Ninth of Frostfall, 241

"The Night Mother has instructed me to go to Valenwood and carry out a contract on a young Bosmer named Yae Lalett. I left today, with my companion Astrid, who seems eager to get started. We discussed the contract with the alchemy supplier Babette, who says she is sure that it will be easy. After all, she is a defenseless girl that the Aldemeri Dominion is eager to see murdered. Seemingly, she is a worshiper of Talos, the nasty god."

Twentieth of Frostfall, 241

"I...I don't know what to say. I met the girl today, Yae Lalett, and prepared to kill her. I almost struck her down, but she turned and smiled at me so charmingly that I felt I had no choice but to sheath my weapon. She noticed that Astrid and I were in travelers clothes, and quickly invited us in for some cool ale, that she said was the best, imported from a start up business in Skyirm called the Black-Briar Meadery. All throughout the repast Astrid kept signaling for me to dispatch her, but for once it seems I just can't. She is so beautiful, and kind."

Tenth of Turdas, 242

"Yae and I are being married today. It seems so long ago that I was ready to kill her, even though it is just a few months. She is so lovely in her gown. Astrid was furious with me, and left to report to the Black Hand all my wrongdoings. I am glad I'm leaving that life behind. I'm am fully glad to be marrying my love today"
SepLnUp Altmer b1&c1

Her father (on the right)

There was a long space in the journal here, almost a twenty year gap, until:

Fourth of Fredas, 221

"No. No. NO! The words cannot come fast enough. They killed my beautiful Yae. The Thalmor came by yesterday, and killed her. They say it is my punishment for refusing to kill her in the first place. Little Shae cried for the first hour. How can she be dead!! She was so kind, so soft and gentle. That was what killed her. I must raise Shae to be strong, to be able to protect herself, so she doesn't meet her end at the hands of cowards like the Thalmor."

End of Journal, except for a few burn marks.

To Skyrim

Shae looked at the note for a long time. Anger seized up inside of her. The Thalmor had killed her mother, and possibly her father. Grabbing her dagger, she made her way to the Thalmor Embassy in Valenwood. She camped up in the rafters until night had fallen, then swung down into the sleeping quarters. In a fit of passion and anger, she slit the throats of all the High Elves in the Embassy. The bloodlust ended as quickly as it started. Frightened and desperate, she fled the Embassy and headed for the border of Valenwood, certain that Thalmor would be on her heels soon. As dawn broke

Shae's homeland

, she noticed a Thalmor carriage behind her, full of angry Elves shooting sparks at her. She quickly swung over the border wall and into Cyrodiil. The Thalmor wasted valuable time trying to follow her, having to show thier identification, and by the time they got into Cyrodill, she was long gone.

She struggled for months up the coast of Cyrodill, hoping to get to Skyrim, where she knew a friend would help her. She got into Skyirm just before they closed the borders down as a trap for Stormcloaks, but got captured quickly. In a stolen Imperial uniform, she seemed the perfect candidate for a Stormcloak supporter. She faced her death bravely, but was saved by Havdar after a dragon attack.

"Sweet Mother...."

In Skyrim, Shae was desperate. Her friend had been killed, apparently in some dark rite to Boethiath. She scrounged a living by begging in Windhelm, but her sense of pride would not let her beg at the feet of better people for long. On her last day as a beggar, before, she thought, she would throw herself in the river and drown herself, she stumbled across a boy named Aventus Aretino. He asked her to avenge himself on an evil orphanage owner. Knowing the feeling of needing personal revenge, Shae humored him, killing the old goat. As she slay her, S

"We know"

hae realized that she could help people like Aventus get revenge, and that her life was important for cleansing Skyirm of the kinds of people who would kill mothers or abuse children.

Soon, she was contacted by Astrid, now the leader of the Dark Brotherhood. Shae accepted thier proposal to become a Sister.


Shae avenges herself constantly. Her training by her father has made her an amazing assasian. She always kills for the right reasons. She married Scouts-Many-Marshes, partly to prove to herself that she isn't a monster and partly to have an associate in the Thieves Guild, which the Dark Brotherhood likes to keep an eye on

Evildoers, beware....

....Save yourself if you can....

...The Shadows may be alive....

....Shae will avenge her parents on you....

....Skyrim will be cleansed.