When we last left Shae, she had escaped Valenwood and gotten to Skyrim, where she joined the Dark Brotherhood.


Shae rose quickly through the ranks of the Brotherhood, and eventually gained the dubious honor of becoming the Night Mother's listener. Shae was thrilled. Her family was not as enthusiastic, but she knew they'd come round. Then everything changed. Astrid told Shae that she would be contracted to kill the Emperor. Shae
Titus mede

Titus mede, ready to die

prepared for weeks, killing the right people, posing as the Gormet. She was eager- this dynasty of Emperors had been the one who had let the Thalmor kill her father. She put the poisoned food in front of Titus Mede, and waited. He tasted it. He fell....dead. Shae knew she had done it. She lept out of the castle and was making her daring escpae across the bridge when Maro stopped her in her tracks. Shae prepared to cut him down just as she had his son, when he told her about the treachery of her family and thier annhialation. Then he tried to kill her.

Shae vaulted off the wall and ran out the gate, hotly pursued by angry guards. She ran to the point of land by the harbor, then leaped in. The guards, believing she had drowned, left. Shae travled for days, skirting major cites, desperate to stop the Penitus Oculatus from killing her beloved family. But she was too late. She saw the fires as she neared Falkreath, and in her rage, she murdered an innocent victim. As if anyone was innocent, she thought.


Everything was ashes. All of them dead? How could this be? Shae slaughtered thier murderers, tears running down her face. But Babette and Nazir survived. She embraced them and they went, together, to find Astrid.

After Shae realized what Astrid had done, she forgave her. She killed her easily, then cleansed her body in the pool, washing it of the soot and ash. Then she went to get revenge. Maro went easily, a quick battle on the ship, then leaping into the water, no one ever saw her. She slipped aboard the Katariah, and killed everyone on board. However, not quite merciless, she gave the Emperor his dying wish and killed Mortierre, taking his diamond for her own.