Time to tell your story. Why are you in Skyrim, and what are you doing here? Below is my Skyrim Story:

So, I'm in Skyrim now. That was my first thought as I climbed out of the Pale Pass Cave. Out of the bat-infested cave I came, checking behind me to see if the Zombie, which had followed me since the start of the cave, was still there. Sure enough, he had vanished into the depths of his lair. Apparently, Zombies don't do Skyrim.

I was sent by the emperor himself to keep an eye on affairs in Skyrim, especially this Ulfric Stormcloak character. I, as a countess of Tamriel an neice of the Emperor, have all the athority of a Septim, as well as having the famous Dragon blood our line is famous for. Another reason I am here was to visit my sister Lydia, a housecarl in Whiterun. She and the Emperor didn't get along, and it was in everybody's best interests to have her sent to Skyrim. At first glance, no one would guess we were Septims (aside from the elven armor and circlets) because we are Nords, but the Emperor's mother was a Nord, and my father and mother were both Nords. Lydia and I are as alike as night and day. She has dark hair for a Nord, and is exuberent and a bit cynical. I am fair-haired, and go along quietly usually. Just don't get in my way if you are a evil doer, or I'll bash your brains in faster than a speeding fireball.

I was on my way down the steep, slippery slope of the mountain pass, when I come upon several men, smeared with dirt and gore, and with a mangy look about them, converisng together. I stopped to talk to them, and ask them about the rumors in this strange, beautiful land, when suddenly a group of Imperial Legionares ambush us. I realize I have been caught with Stormcloaks. I fought and told the pigs over and over again who I was, but the Legate there was bloodthirsty and wouldn't listen. Havdar knew of me, but couldn't verify me because he had never seen me.

When the dragon attacked Helgen just before I was killed, I kicked into high gear. Killing the rogue Legate, I posed as a Stormcloak supporter just long enough to get away. I made my way to Whiterun to report for duty. That's where I met Lydia, and our adventures began. Now I am known throughout Skyrim as a fair and just person. I quickly squashed the Stormcloak rebellion, and Skyrim is at peace. With Lydia at my side I captured the heart of the people. I am currently Thane of Whiterun, Morthal, Riften, and pending Hjerm, Windhelm. I am working to root out evil wherever I find it. I have already destroyed the Dark Brotherhood, and keep an eye on the Thieves Guild through Maven Black-Briar, Jarl of Riften. She may think she's in charge, but she's wrong.

I and my faithful sister are the Heroes of Skyrim. Evil doers, beware...

What's your story?