Stendarr God of Justice & Mercy

aka Andrew

Banned From Chat
  • I live in Hjaalmarch(Morthal)
  • My occupation is Stormcloak
  • I am Male
  • Stendarr God of Justice & Mercy

    Hello. Many of you may remember me. Stendarr God of Justice & Mercy. I had been perma-banned a couple months back. I would like to request permission to re-enter Chat--as the title pretty much says. My archnemesis is, apparently, long gone, now. That gives me a HUGE opportunity to prove that I am much better than before. I've taken time to be with my friends irl. They helped me grow. I'm much more calmed, now. I am much more laxed. I am more mature, now.

    I would like only the Admins and people who actually frequent the Chat(whether new or old) to Vote.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this and vote on this. Whatever your guys' majority vote, I shall respect it.

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