Work In Progress, not finished. Subject to change.

Name: Khaly

Gender: Female

Species: Khajiit

Subspecies: Suthay-raht

Fur: Very dark brown short fur.

Eyes: Narrow, deepset icy blue eyes.

Scars/Markings: A scar over her left eye from a fight with a werewolf she got into, has scars down her legs and arms, and one long scar down her left side.

Other: Werewolf

Personality: Hot-headed and arrogant, hates Thalmor.

Past: A small Khajiit Kitten born on the Riften streets. She took on a life of thieving from the shops littered around her home hold, frequently getting caught and thrown into jail. One day, she found a lockpick and a thin stick looking item in the corner of her cell, with a small marking in the wall. She didn't know what it meant, but one end was pointing to the door. Getting an idea, Khaly took the lockpick and put it in the door. The door was rusted and easy to unlock. It fell to the ground with a loud bang.