Yeah, I really don't do this kind of thing often, because I never know what I'm going to say!

I wanted to create this just to somewhat explain my youtube channel since several people enquire about it on chat and some are already subscribed to me.

My channel is a variety one. I cover gameplay from all sorts of games. The kind of games I play though are rather apparent in nature: they mostly go with the plotline below:

Evil bad guy trying to take over the world, the protagonist must find a way to defeat the antagonist and save the world.

In Skyrim, this is very obvious: Alduin returning to act as World-Eater, the Dragonborn arrives to stop it. In many other games I've played, this is also fairly obvious.

Lately I decided that I should expand my Skyrim content, because real life means I can't work on too many projects as it would become unmanageable. For the next 3-4 months, my channel will comprise mainly of random vlog's (if I get the time to make em!) and Skyrim content. The content I plan to show is mostly main quest of all the guild's on my argonian character, Lexar Lizargo, who is currently Level 44. I know of a youtuber who has already done this, but I'd like to do this as well so that there's more variety :)

My youtube channel can be found here (for those who would actually like to watch my content):

Feel free to leave comments below, I'll try to answer all that I can!

Many thanks
- Speysider