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    SwornKnight Timeline

    October 18, 2014 by SwornKnight

    1E 2669:

    -Liefde Mannick is born

    1E 2698:

    -Liefde Mannick has produced a large debt and six illegitimate children

    -Liefde Mannick leaves with Jon Sorick and Orys Greensorrow to become pirates

    1E 2703:

    -Akaviri Dragonguard invades Tamriel

    -Liefde Mannick subjugates several Dragonguard ships and is coined the name Miura Anjin

    4E 170:

    -Aelius Macer joins the Imperial Military

    4E 171:


    -The Great War begins

    4E 175:

    -The Great War ends

    -The White-Gold Concordat is signed

    -Grand Imperial Battlemage and High Lord Imperial Chancellor Javolenus Quintus resigns

    -Legate Aelius Macer is appointed Battlemage and Chancellor

    4E 201:

    Last Seed:

    -Ulfric Stormcloak, several Stormcloak rebels, a Nord horse thief and the Dragonborn are captured by the Imperial Legion a…

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    Key people: Potentate Aelius Macer: regent of the Empire. Is currently in Skyrim, hoping to lead several military campaigns around Haafingar. (DECEASED)

    Jarl Snadmund Firesoul: appointed new Jarl of Haafingar due to his noble status, military experience, political cunning and charity work. Fought alongside Aelius Macer in the Great War.

    Jarl Elisif the Fair: widow of the late High King, she was kidnapped by the infamous bandit, Leon Steelfang. (DECEASED)

    Furiulca Mede: bastard of Emperor Titus Mede II. Originally known as Furiulca Petilia, he changed his last name to his father's and made a claim to the Ruby Throne. Attempted to assassinate Aelius Macer. With the help of several corrupt officials and his uncle, Janus Petilia, he managed to co…

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