Key people: Potentate Aelius Macer: regent of the Empire. Is currently in Skyrim, hoping to lead several military campaigns around Haafingar. (DECEASED)

Jarl Snadmund Firesoul: appointed new Jarl of Haafingar due to his noble status, military experience, political cunning and charity work. Fought alongside Aelius Macer in the Great War.

Jarl Elisif the Fair: widow of the late High King, she was kidnapped by the infamous bandit, Leon Steelfang. (DECEASED)

Furiulca Mede: bastard of Emperor Titus Mede II. Originally known as Furiulca Petilia, he changed his last name to his father's and made a claim to the Ruby Throne. Attempted to assassinate Aelius Macer. With the help of several corrupt officials and his uncle, Janus Petilia, he managed to convince the Elder Council to ignore all possible crimes committed by them and appoint him Emperor.

King Tommen Sylboria the Grass-Eyes: led the Forsworn against Markarth and successfully took control of the entire Hold of the Eastern Reach with the help of the Kingdoms of the Western Reach. He was the last member to join the Four Kings Pact. (DECEASED)

King Agrard: current King of the Eastern Reach, as acknowledged by the Kings of the Western Reach. He was one of the top generals and advisors of his predecessor, Tommen. He is locked in a civil war with his former comrade, Varak, for control of the Eastern Reach and its possessions.

King Varak: claims to be the rightful King of the Eastern Reach. Is fighting Agrard for the Reach. Was one of Tommen's top generals and advisors. Known for being more sadistic than Agrard and more lustful than Tommen, often taking female thralls for his own pleasure.

King Robent Matreinace: leader of Evermor and the Forsworn. He was crowned King after the previous King of Evermor, an Imperial supporter by the name of Giles Onus, was overthrown by Forsworn supporters. Robent laid the foundation for the Four Kings Pact of the Forsworn and convinced Farrun and Jehanna to join the cause of Tommen.

King Pauran Rais: leader of Jehanna and the Forsworn. He was the last King of the Western Reach to join the Forsworn cause.

King Relianrick Nerte: leader of Farrun and the Forsworn. He joined the Forsworn cause shortly after Robent Matreinace became King of Evermor.

Giles Onus: former King of Evermor. His tyrannical rule led increasing support for a rebellion against the Onus family and the Empire. Most noble clans, mainly being made of Reachmen, swore alliegance to King Robent. The clans that didn't were either completely elimanated or forced out of the Western Reach. He managed to escape the wrath of the Forsworn and currently resides in Northpoint.

Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak: leader of Eastmarch and leader of the Stormcloak Rebellion.

Queen Aditte Mannick: leader of Wayrest, she is the leader of the Tiber's Compatriots. She was born in Alcaire, a land of people very devout to Talos. Known for leading the raid against the Imperial fortress, Castle Rise, in her own city.

King Raccan Iszara: leader of Sentinel. Being an indirect descendant of King Lhotun of Sentinel, he is also the leader of the Lhotunics. He fought in the Great War later presided over the Second Treaty of Stros M'Kai. He then reorganized the third party of Sentinel into a powerful military, social and political party. Receiving support from both traditional Redguard nobles and liberal merchants.

King Fernand Clovis III: leader of Daggerfall, he and Dux Varian are currently leading the Imperial campaign against Wayrest. Known for being extremely greedy, King Clovis only wants full control over the Illiac Bay and the Bjoulsae River to expand is merchant empire.

Dux Tullius: Military Proconsul of Skyrim. In charge of the Fourth, Seventh and Eighth Imperial Twin Legions

Dux Varian: Military Proconsul of High Rock. In charge of the Third, Ninth and Tenth Imperial Twin Legions

Miura Anjin: vampiric pirate-king. Known to have been seen since the Second Era. Used his vampiric powers, mainly immortality, to be attack ships along the Sea of Ghosts and the Illiac Bay. Known to be extremely rich and the admiral of a very large fleet. Referred to as the Akaviri Ocean Lord.

Lady Elenwen: Thalmor First Emissary to Skyrim

Lord Nelanare: Thalmor First Emissary to Cyrodiil

Lord Inganare: Thalmor First Emissary to High Rock

Prefect Egnatius: Commander of the Penitus Occulatus