1E 2669:

-Liefde Mannick is born

1E 2698:

-Liefde Mannick has produced a large debt and six illegitimate children

-Liefde Mannick leaves with Jon Sorick and Orys Greensorrow to become pirates

1E 2703:

-Akaviri Dragonguard invades Tamriel

-Liefde Mannick subjugates several Dragonguard ships and is coined the name Miura Anjin

4E 170:

-Aelius Macer joins the Imperial Military

4E 171:


-The Great War begins

4E 175:

-The Great War ends

-The White-Gold Concordat is signed

-Grand Imperial Battlemage and High Lord Imperial Chancellor Javolenus Quintus resigns

-Legate Aelius Macer is appointed Battlemage and Chancellor

4E 201:

Last Seed:

-Ulfric Stormcloak, several Stormcloak rebels, a Nord horse thief and the Dragonborn are captured by the Imperial Legion and taken to Helgen for execution

-Dragon Crisis begins and Alduin destroys Helgen

-The Dragonborn begins his journey by escaping Helgen with the help of Stormcloak rebel Ralof and Imperial Legionary Hadvar

-Jarl Balgruuf the Greater is informed of the dragon attack in Helgen

-The Dragonborn discovers his secret powers after the Battle of Western Watch Tower and the death of the dragon Mirmulnir

-The Dragonborn is appointed Thane of Whiterun

-The Dragonborn meets and trains with the Greybeards

-Thalmor Embassy is infiltrated by the Dragonborn

-The Blades and the Dragonborn reopen Sky Haven Temple

-Orsinium finally agrees to support Tiber's Compatriots


-Odahviing is captured in Dragonsreach

-Alduin is killed, the Third of Heartfire becomes the Day of the Tongues

-The Dragonborn purchases Breezehome

-The Tale of Tounges is written

-The Imperial College of the Voice is reopened on High Lord Imperial Chancellor Aelius Macer's orders

-The Dragonborn joins the Dawnguard

-The Dragonborn discovers the Forgotten Vale

-Giles Onus is crowned King of Evermor

-The Dragonborn destroys the Volkihar Clan

4E 202:

Morning Star:

-The Dragonborn leaves for Solstheim

Sun's Dawn:

-The infamous mercenaries Zero, Sorin Steelfang, Kantar and Anilik arrive at Markarth

-Giles Onus is overthrown and Robent Matreinace is crowned King of Evermor

-Jehanna, Farrun and Evermor flock to support the Eastern Reach Forsworn

-The Battle of Markarth takes place with the Forsworn taking the Eastern Reach

-Tommen the Grass-Eyes is crowned King of the Eastern Reach

-The mercenaries join the Imperial Legion

-Emperor Titus Mede II dies