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    Recently, Bethesda has had a very fruitfull interview with NerdTreck. Lots of new info is revealed including perks and marriage bonuses. Heres the link:

    And below is the whole article so you don't have to click the link. XD


    Toney asked: Will there be Daedric Shrine quests? This question opened a can of worms. Matt said that they have intentionally avoided confirming or denying this. He said that they have NOT really talked about it yet. Since the press demo we played had an Easter Egg of a Daedric reference in it, he sighed and said that since we were aware and asked him on the spot, he’ll go ahead and tell us: YES! There is involvement with “The Prince” and challenges along the way that sho…

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    Okay, so I'm wondering, if you could ask 10 questions about Skyrim to the devs, what would they be?

    Anyways, here are mine:

    1. (Odd one) Can you see your body in 1st person?
    2. What are some of the options in smithing?
    3. Will the ammount of essential NPCs be lessened from Fallout 3?
    4. Will there be a hardcore mode like in Fallout: New Vegas?
    5. How exactly does the armor system work?
    6. You can get married, but can you have children with your spouse?
    7. Will bows be the only ranged weapons in the game?
    8. Are there different variants for bows, eg. long bows, short bows?
    9. Any interesting perks you can mention?
    10. Can you list all weapon types in the game?

    Post away. :)

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    Recently, Pete Hines has done a Q&A session on Twitter with fans of the upcoming The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, unveiling some new information.

    Heres the link;


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