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    This is not gonna be too detailed (though I may work on it in more detail later, if I feel like it).

    Class - Race - Primary skills: 1st skill, 2nd skill; Secondary skills: 3rd skill, 4th skill

    Official Game Guide Archetypes (may be slightly altered)

    Warrior - Nord - 1-Handed, Block; Light Armour/Heavy Armour, Archery

    Mage - High Elf (Altmer) - Destruction, Conjuration; Restoration, Illusion

    Archer - Wood Elf (Bosmer) - Archery, Sneak; Light Armour, Block

    Berserker - Orc (Orsimer) - 2-Handed, Heavy Armour; Smithing, Block

    Spellsword Dark Elf (Dunmer) - 1-Handed, Destruction; Light Armour, Illusion

    Necromancer - Breton - Conjuration, Illusion; Alteration, Restoration

    Assassin - Khajiit - Sneak, 1-Handed (Dual); Alchemy, Pickpocket/Lockpicking


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  • Tag!

    Spellmaking in Skyrim?

    November 25, 2011 by Tag!

    I wanna know: can you create your own spells in Skyrim? I haven't found any info on spellmaking yet, and I haven't seen it in-game. The closest things to that - as far as I know - are obviously making weapons and armour, and enchanting items. If it's not a feature in the game, then I'll assume Bethesda will add it later.

    To make it clear:

    Is there spellmaking in Skyrim?

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