Joining the Imperial Legion in Skyrim and its Benefits

The Imperial Legion is made up of the proud servants of the Empire. The armies of the glorious Empire span far and wide, their soldiers are well trained. In Skyrim General Tullius leads the Empires finest in protecting the claims of the Emperor. It's the general that you must talk to if you are interested in joining the Imperial Legion.

The Imperial Legion is the Empires first line of defense in against the rebellious Stormcloaks who seek the remove the Empire from throne over looking Skyrim. For this very reason the armies of the Legion are well funded and well equipped. Join the legion and you can become very successful if you are made of the right material.

The Imperial Legion is where legends a born. Many people enlist seeking fame and hoping to become the next biggest war hero. Many of these people die, but you are a survivor so go ahead and find your glory in the Imperial Legion!

How to Join the Imperial Legion

Joining the Imperial Legion is simple. The Legion is headquartered in Solitude so the first thing you do is head there. After you get to Solitude what you need to do is head to castle Dour.

Once you get to the castle seek out general Tullius. The general will send you to legate Rikke. Rikke will give you the task you need to perform to join the Imperial Legion.

Rikke will task you with clearing out fort Hraggstad. Fort Hraggstad is located to the North West of Solitude and should be marked on your in-game map. Once you have killed all of the bandits at the fort head back to Rikke.

Rikke will send you back to general Tullius who will then have you take the Imperial Oath. Once you take the oath Tullius will take you to the blacksmith to have him make you a suit of armor. You can choose between light, medium, or heavy armor. It's just one of the many benefits of joining the Imperial Legion.