• Tem marran

    This is amazing!

    August 23, 2012 by Tem marran

    OK, so I'm in Bleak Falls Barrow for The Golden Claw quest and the Dragonstone quest and I'm by the place where I get to suck up the shout Unrelenting Force. So I, as a Thief, LOVE MONEY! So the 1st thing I do? Open up the chest. Amethyst, I think a potion, a Necklace of Waning Frost, a Dwarven Sword, an Iron Warhammer of Draining, an Orcish Greatsword, and a Staff of Courage. And whatelse? "Meridia's Beacon." Knowing me, I just suck everything out of the chest while looking at the images of the items; like speed-reading (or watching). So I hear this freakin' creepy and somehow nostalgic voice. And I look it up on this Wikia hear. Some quest on some mountain. But the best part of this entire story? I got to listen to her voice while listen…

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