OK, so I'm in Bleak Falls Barrow for The Golden Claw quest and the Dragonstone quest and I'm by the place where I get to suck up the shout Unrelenting Force. So I, as a Thief, LOVE MONEY! So the 1st thing I do? Open up the chest. Amethyst, I think a potion, a Necklace of Waning Frost, a Dwarven Sword, an Iron Warhammer of Draining, an Orcish Greatsword, and a Staff of Courage. And whatelse? "Meridia's Beacon." Knowing me, I just suck everything out of the chest while looking at the images of the items; like speed-reading (or watching). So I hear this freakin' creepy and somehow nostalgic voice. And I look it up on this Wikia hear. Some quest on some mountain. But the best part of this entire story? I got to listen to her voice while listening to the tune of the Dragonborn right next to a... um... I'll call it a Thu'um shrine. It is SO FREAKIN' EPIC!