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    December 14, 2016 by Terawolf119

    Landfall the reason why every civil war debate is futile.

    I have a theroy, you know how it specifically says that the only way to escape it, is to know CHIM? Thats a very specific detail dont you think? You know when you officially beat skyrim? You have the best armour, the best weapons, the best perks, etc.. Well whay do you imagine what you dovahkin does afterwards? Well what else would be better than to acheive the highest power a mortal could hold? Ya, he would focus on CHIM for the rest of his days. Meaning he has a high probability to be in the future games(that are set in the future). You know what that means? Your dovahkin will be back, being godlike and all, guns a-flamin' saving the day! That means there's still hope for salvation…

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  • Terawolf119

    (This blog has links click on it to view them) So these are your points?

    "But you need the Empires order and governining!" Uhuh?

    "But skyrim can't defend itself agaisn't the Thalmor!" Ahem!

    "But ulfrics power hungry!" look again.

    "Hes also a racist!" LOL! no

    "But the nords cuased Alduin to return!" -_-

    "But the Empire is useful!" *sighs*

    So what side are you on now? Do you think you have any points to conter him? If you changed sides or you think you have a point, tell him it here.

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