I'm sure most, if not all, of you have participated in some form of role-play before, whether it be in the forums or in an Elder Scrolls game or someplace else. Role-playing is fun, and allows us to make up a backstory behind our characters. It's even more fun if we link several different role-plays together (For example, having your character in Oblivion be the ancestor of your Skyrim character). And then, if you're really into the backstory you came up with, you might even right a fan-fiction about it. 

Now I propose an idea that is rather strange and does butcher quite a bit of lore. I as an author hate having tons of different stories just lying around unlinked in anyway. What I did to fix this, was put several different skyrim characters of mine into one story, the end result being two dragonborns who know they are dragonborn, a third that doesn't know he is until after Alduin is defeated, a high-elf vampire lord, and the Hero of Kvatch's adopted family. I intend to release said story in parts (It's quite long), here on my blog and on, but first, I want your opinions on this. Should a story that butchers the lore in such a horrible fashion ever see the light of day? 

--Th3 Antioch signing off

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